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  1. A

    Are clevo notebooks good?

    Are they good quality? Do their components fail often? Thanks
  2. H

    How do I connect a 3 plug RCA component to a sharp TV with only 2 plug RCA

    3 plug RCA cable, 2 plug RCA TV
  3. M

    HDMI to RCA Cable (ARC) will it play DVD's on smart tv?

    I have a component connection (3 plugs) on my dvd player I want to connect it to my new smart tv only to play dvd it has an hdmi (ARC) connection. If I buy the cable will it work?
  4. B

    Hon Hai Intrusion

    For some time now, a company called Hon Hai Presicion has repeatedly signed on and off my WiFi network. Are they a threat or are they merely testing and/or monitoring their components. Please advise.
  5. G

    New Raspberry Pi Offers Faster Performance, Connectivity

    A nicely equipped Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ you can get for just $35. New Raspberry Pi Offers Faster Performance, Connectivity : Read more
  6. H

    Solved! I have a vizio smart tv and none of the hdmi or component ports work is there a way to get my android box to connect and play

    I have a vizio smart tv and none of the hdmi or component ports work is there a way to get my android box to connect and play, maybe an alternative converter or something and will i be able to still get hdtv?
  7. G

    Trump Blocks Biggest Tech Deal in History: Here's Why

    President Donald Trump won't allow Broadcom's bid for Qualcomm. And there are major reasons why. Trump Blocks Biggest Tech Deal in History: Here's Why : Read more
  8. X

    I want to hook up my soundbar to my PC and I want to make sure I am using the right cable

    Good morning. I currently have a Windows 10 PC and I have an older Logitech speaker system connected through a 3.5mm jack. I upgraded my soundbar and want to connect my older LG soundbar to my PC. The only input on my soundbar is for an optical cable which wasn't a problem when I bought it...
  9. J

    Solved! If using component connection for video will the video be transmitted in 1080/hi-def?

    Using a component cable connection on a TV that accepts both composite and component with a shared connector. Will this provide a hi-def picture?
  10. K

    HDMI to Component Adapter not working with Projection Tv

    I have Mitsubishi projection tv. I am trying to connect laptop to projection tv by using an HDMI-to-Component adopter. But its not working. tv just showing flickering/lines picture. No proper image is displaying. Laptop: HP Probook, Integrated intel graphics Tv: Mitsubishi Rear Projection Tv...
  11. A

    [Blue Yeti] how to avoid traffic and background noise

    Hi, I live in an environment where there is a lot of traffic noise and people shouting, etc. even though I set the gain totally low the noises are getting captured and I have my PC near a window and the noises are coming from all directions, even if I close the windows still the sounds are...
  12. C

    Help finding replacement part! Toshiba Satellite L550-113 (Part no. PSLN8E-00K00HEN)

    Hey everybody, The USB board for my Satellite L550-113 has decided to give up on life. However, finding a replacement has been awfully difficult. Does anyone have any recommendations as to where to get this specific part? I'm based in the UK and ebay has been no use for me so far. The USB...
  13. C

    Is there an audible difference between 2.0 and 2.1 speaker systems?

    I have been looking at a few different 2.0 (mostly Edifier) speaker systems and I have noticed that they are usually more expensive than, say, Logitech Z533. Some of them are twice as expensive as Logitech Z533, which is a 2.1 speaker system.
  14. A

    Please help me identify this internal laptop component

    Hi, I've just opened my Toshiba L55W-C5259 to replace the M.2 SSD, when I noticed this empty space that looks like some kind of HDD slot? http:// Can someone please tell me what this is, and how I can get a 2.5 SSD in there if it IS a drive slot? Google yields no answers. :( Thanks so much.
  15. testtube5

    Could someone list to me all of the most popular Stress Test / Benchmarking Programs?

    As the title suggests, could someone list to me all of the most popular Stress Test / Benchmarking Programs so I can download all of them? Also, how about the most popular / most advanced temperature gauging program? Like, one for every single component. I'd like to eventually become a master...
  16. M

    Getting DVD player to work with Roku tv

    connected older DVD player with composite video/stereo audio cable provided to me by a best buy store worker. i hooked it up as obvious as it is...and it does not work. I have a new roku tv. Any suggestions ? Thank you very much Karen
  17. D

    Unplugged lapop keboard while running, possible that more components are damaged?

    I foolishly unplugged my laptop keyboard while it was running. Now, cerain keys no longer work. I have ordered a replacement keboard, but is it possible that the laptop motherboard was damaged, or perhaps some possibilty that it won't work, even with a new keyboard?
  18. N

    Using Portta HDMI/Component converter to RCA TV

    Hello, I am trying to use a video converter to plug my Raspberry Pi into an old RCA tv, however the outputs on the converter are component (Red, Green, Blue / Red, White). Is there any way to convert the HDMI from the Pi to the TV (which is only RCA Red Yellow White)?
  19. electro_neanderthal

    All Components Crashed, Laptop Still Works but Much Slower, What Happened?

    So, I have an old laptop and I've been looking at ways to restore its original performance because something happened a few years back and it hasn't run the same ever since. For reference, I have a Sony Vaio VPCF120FD with a first Gen i5 mobile processor (dual core) and an Nvidia 310M graphics...
  20. T

    Laptop not functioning as well prior to replacing component

    My laptop is a dell inspiron 15 5447, the issue I'm having is that i've had to gut the thing completely to get to replace the charger connector to the laptop. (plastic holding 4 pins had pinged off) while I did this i also replaced cpu fan. Now, the problems that occured was no.1 I had a black...
  21. watrhous

    Gluing Internal Components HELP

    I have a Lenovo u400 that has a power jack that got smashed when dropped. While replacing it I noticed that the old jack is literally glued into place. I managed to dig it out with a knife and scrape moist of the glue residue out but my concern is what kind of glue will hold the new one in...
  22. C

    septre tv channel saving question

    i have a septre tv and i use ota tv when i scan the channels i get 5 networks with 3 to 5 sub channels, they all come good most of the time. when the weather is iffy a few drop out and when the drop out this tv looses that channel and i have to scan it back in. i never had a tv that would lose...
  23. M

    Connect android to old tv

    Hi. I have an old tv with only components. I have a PS3 that I can hook to the old tv using the components cable. But can I hook up an android box to the PS3 and be able to watch on the old tv which is hooked up to the PS 3
  24. M

    Can I convert component plus audio + coax lines from a cable box to a hdmi line to use on a digital tv?

    I have an older tv setup that uses component plus R/L + coax from a cable box. I want to change out the tv to a tv with only hdmi connectors. Is there a converter that I can use?
  25. I

    Hp Dead laptop

    Hello I have this laptop- hp pavilion dm1-4300ej When i plug in the charger- laptop not turn on, battery not charge. Nothing When the charger is plug in the laptop- the green light on the charger is blunking. On the motherboard i see one burn smd component. I wont to solder new one insted this...
  26. D

    What is the name of this computer component? Hi. I was wondering if anyone here might know what a certain computer component is called. You see, I have a laptop (model HP 14-AN012nr) with an eMMC drive...
  27. G

    Question before buying a Lenovo 320s

    Hi all, I'm looking for a cheap laptop with decent components, and the Lenovo 320s (i5-8250U) caught my attention. The thing is, Iv'e read a review saying that this laptop performs worse then other models that use the same processor (from other manufacturers), since Lenovo limited its power...
  28. C

    mitsubishi 65c10 tv not recognize component input so that remote can choose it

    mitsubishi 65c10 tv not recognize component input so that remote can choose it -- no choice for component input available on remote
  29. B

    Upgrading setup for VR

    Hello ive recently wanted to try out vr but noticed that my Graphics card won't support it, thinking a little bit more i wondered if i needed to upgrade something more to run some vr games. For example i would like to play the new fallout vr that came out. This is my setup: Intel Core i5...
  30. P

    Do receivers output composite inputs as component?

    I think I may have misunderstood one of the uses of a receiver so if someone can confirm whether or not this does or does not work I would appreciate it. I thought I could plug multiple composite sources like a VCR, SNES, and an early DVD player (composite OUT only) all via composite into a...
  31. E

    how to turn hdmi into component

    The hdmi ports on my tv are broken, but the component input works (so I can connect my xbox 360 to the tv atm). How can I convert hdmi into component so I can use my other stuff that connects through hdmi?
  32. J

    Sony DVD to samsung smart TV can't get color on dvd

    I hooked up my red ,green,blue component wires and red ,white audio wires from the back of my sony dvd which has the red blue green out put and the red ,white audio to my samsung smart TV in the component section and I can't get color on DVD ? What is the problem .the back of the TV says...
  33. C

    is HP spectre x360 15T worth buying

    for normal work is this laptop worth the money to pay for? or I should [look] for other kind of laptop?
  34. B

    Home theatre system

    I need a home theatre which includes a Blu-ray player , 5.1 system surround. It can be seperate components or in a box. My budget is 40k(INR) India. My main necessity is that I have many video files in mkv,mp4 format with aac, dts encoding. I want to play these on my home theatre with surround...
  35. T

    Solved! Tv Aspect Ratio

    I have a sharp tv and even though overscan is turned off the picture is still zoomed in and cuts off words on the screen. I've tried every aspect ratio available and dot to dot and panoramic aspect ratios are greyed out/not available. I hooked up component settings and switched to that input and...
  36. H

    New TV, Old surround Sound

    Hi moved into a new flat and it has an old surround sound setup (panasonic sa-ht 335) and a new Samsung tv. The tv has component, hdmi and optical audio. When I setup the component I get no sound, where as when connect the tv via and aux to audio L+R I get only Stereo. Is there anyway I can get...
  37. B

    Component video won't connect HDTV and DVR

    I have a Samsung UN55ES6150F HDTV w/component video in, connected to Denon DVD-2200 w/component video out. When I choose the 'Source' 'Component' on the TV, it says it can't connect. Why?
  38. B

    Bypass the receiver and listen to TV's speakers?

    I have a Yamaha receiver. All components, including TV and cable box, are connected to it via HDMI cables. The sound is great, but sometimes my wife doesn't want to listen through the surround sound speakers. Is there an easy way to bypass the receiver so that she can listen to the TV's speakers?
  39. N

    Really awkward humming coming from my AV Receiver.

    Alright, I'll start with what the receiver is. It's a UBX (UBR510B) that I found on the cheap in a store about 1.5 years ago. It's honestly pretty garbage, and doesn't handle electricity well at all, but it is all that I currently have. When powering on, it immediately throws it's power to the...
  40. D

    Sling box m2 & Direct TV

    How do I connect a sling box m2 to my direct tv set top box? I have no audio/video component ports on the set top box.
  41. M

    My setof box rca has only three plugs. White,red and yellow while tv component has more plugs like clue etc

    Tv has component plugs in more number. While setof box and DVD have rca with three plug like red white and white. How to connect rca of DVD and setof box to tv. DVD and setof box have no HDMI ports please help me in this regard
  42. C

    how to connect samsung smart TV to a DVD player

    Samsung smart TV model UE32M5505AK with Component in and AV in connectors, to an old DVD player with Euro Scart connector. Thanks.
  43. J

    CCTV from component to coaxial

    So I have a cctv surveillance system that was hooked up to the rca component just in the yellow video port. It broke off when I moved the tv. So I bought an adapter from the BNC connector that was on the cable from the cameras to the coaxial input on the tv. Its all hooked up but I cant get...
  44. W

    Solved! Brand new laptop extremely slow!

    So I bought a new laptop literally just for when I am home from University for things like working on word documents etc, there's hardly anything at all on it. However, it is very slow and crashes a lot with programs such as word just for pressing save, however I spotted this was at 100% usage...
  45. R

    6th Generation Components with 7th Generation CPU

    Please look at the areas highlighted in red in the following pics. I am concerned about the mismatch in the generation of my CPU and the other components that have generations. I purchased this machine about 3 months ago...
  46. O

    Will metal desk damage my laptop?!

    I put my HP elitebook x360 1030 on my laptop cooling pad which have metal components, my laptop has magnets on its bottom that attach with magnets on top of the screen, but the magnets in the bottom also attach to the metal components of my cooling pad , so will this affect my laptop??
  47. J

    Does this amplifier is ok for my sound system speakers?

    I wanna know if I can connect sound system speakers to a pioneer amplifier, pioneer ak10-k to be precise (I want to get rid of this sound system because it does not work properly and take up too much space). The sound system speakers are from an AIWA NSX S909 and the amplifier the pioneer...
  48. Z

    How to connect Sony mini hi-fi component to my PC?

    Is there a way to connect a sony mini hi-fi component to a PC. using any cables? or may be put some Bluetooth on my pc and connect to that component? So I could use it on my music production
  49. J

    Can I use a gddr3 ram on a gddr5 motherboard

    I'm currently reviving my pc by getting new components I came to a problem that I can't find the answer to any where does ddr3 ram work and a ddr5 motherboard
  50. G

    Looking for a new gaming laptop

    Hello all, I'm looking to buy a new gaming laptop and I still cannot decide which brand or what components i prefer. I have been searching on mostly because i want it delivered in the UK. Below are some of my choices...
  51. G

    old tv without hdmi/arc connect to new components

    My older Samsung tv has 3 hdmi ports and 1 digital optical port. My new sound bar has 1 digital optical and one hdmi and one hdmi/arc new blu-ray player has optical and hdmi/arc port. I can't figure out how to connect these up so that I don't have to switch to tv speakers to watch tv.
  52. A

    connect computer monitor to old A/V receiver for video only output

    Is there a way to connect a monitor (HDMI in) to an A/V receiver with only composite, S-video, and component out connectors?
  53. S

    Looking on Amazon for RGB component cable, 1 question

    How can I really be sure the male ones listed will fit my model dvd player? Tx? Assuming I tell them the model, a Sony DVP-SR210P? Tx...
  54. D

    Connecting new samsung TV to old panasonic home theater system

    How do I connect my SAMSUNG TV model UN55H6203AF to an old Panasonic SA-HT930 home theater system? My TV has optical audio, 2 HDMI ports with component inputs. The home theater system only has RCA inputs only for Component, TV and VCR connections. I have connected the component inputs using...
  55. D

    Are these headphones good?

    Hi there, I'm building a PC and I'm going to get some headphones for them, but my budget is a bit tight, already having spent quite a bit on components. I found these: Sennheiser - Audiophile Over-the-Ear Headphones - Titan They are listed at 80USD, but I can buy them in the store for 70. How...
  56. S

    Old VCR with only red,yellow,white CRA needs to connect to new Samsung Smart TV but doesn't work with AV or Component input. H

    Older VCR with only RCA red, yellow, white need to play VHS on new Samsung Smart TV which does have RCA input. It doesn't work as either AV or Component. Help please. Or are new VHS players still available?
  57. P

    Wireless surround sound using some existing components

    My 10+ year old Onkyo receiver (HT-R520) finally gave out and I'm thinking of using it as an opportunity to update my home theater to more of a wireless setup. Wondering if anyone has suggestions on a receiver that will allow me keep my wired sub + 3 front channels and pair 2-3 rear wireless...
  58. J

    My new laptop is so slow :(

    Hey! I purchased a laptop from HP a few days ago and its spec supposed to be pretty good. I got HP spectre x360 (2015 version) and i5-6200U and RAM 8GB etc etc!!!! I bought it fresh on its official website, online, and I was really happy to receive it! :) It's a 2-in-1 BTW BUT NOW, I have been...
  59. J

    i have a nice projector/audio/cable box puzzle for you guys

    Now let's say there are these 4 components on the table : - an Acer H5360 with no audio out, it just has an audio in. HDMI, YPbPr input connector, Composite video input connector,S-Video input connector - SOny receiver ( with all the inputs and outputs usually on a receiver) -cable box...