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    Laptop for High-End Gaming, Engineering, Computer Science and Automotive Diagonostics

    Good Evening to all, I'm currently looking to buy a new laptop(s) that will meet and exceed the requirements of the above fields. I've been looking at different companies and whether I should get a consumer GPU or a enterprise GPU. I've been looking mostly at the desktop replacement range...
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    How do I hook up my RCA cables to my LG 49UB8200?

    Hello, I'm trying to connect my WII to my LG 49UB8200 that I just got. The tv only has a yellow and green input (composite and component). I have a component adapter but it didn't have a composite adapter. What do I need to be able to hook up my WII (RCA: red,yellow,white)?
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    laptop not powering up,motherboard issue

    My HP pavilion dv6 3123tx is not getting powering up. I have checked all the components and found one of the component of motherboard is gone bad You can see the attached picture for the bad component.i don't what the component is. url to the picture Want to know what the component is, what...
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    How do I connect multiple components to surround sound

    How do I connect multiple components to Plasma 3D TV when the surround sound receiver has one HDMI input working, I have a Bluray Player, Direct TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and Macbook to connect and want to have surround sound. Thanks for any help! bgk2go
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    Intel Management Engine Components Driver Question/Issue

    I have a Dell XPS 13 9350 and can't get Dell's driver to install. I always get a fatal error message. In Device Manager I see a Management Engine Interface entry though. I've given up trying to figure out how to get the Dell software to install. I've seen that there are two versions of the...
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    CPU/GPU Upgrade for ASUS Q500A-BHI5N0?

    Does anyone know if this is possible? I'd like to upgrade these two components as my work requires a bit more juice to complete bigger projects (graphics & music production). However, I don't know which components would fit inside this laptop. I hope there is a guru out there that's familiar...
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    Ethernet strange issues - what's the reason?

    Hi there, I bought an old second-hand HP dv6 laptop and it has a strange issue - the ethernet card (NVIDIA MCP65) appears as working, but in fact it doesn't work. When I plug an ethernet cable, the LED lights up and the OS says there is a link - it detects that a device has been plugged on at...
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    Is the Asus X555DA good for gaming?

    Hey so I was looking to buy this laptop: And I was wondering if it could run games like CS:GO and League of Legends at medium to high settings...
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    laptop functional keys

    my laptops functional keys are not working except F5. And also not working shifting keys like shift+Fn And Shift+other keys. can you people give me solution i reinstalled key drives and other drives but it was not worked.
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    Do these components fit?

    Let me start by saying that I am not very tech savvy, and this is my first PC Build. So I am currently trying to prepare a custom PC Build for gaming. I have a guide I'm following for a $150 budget gaming PC (here is the link: ). I want to put a larger...