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  1. Z

    What is this internal motherboard component connected to?

    I'm purchased and old home theater system and am attempting to repair it. I found this piece disconnected, and it looks like it gets attached to an internal board under a screw. I have found a schematics pdf, but because I don't what it does, I can't think of the right keywords to use...
  2. N

    How does it stack up to modern systems?

    I have a very old component system namely the jvc ca-mxs4bk system. I have considered buying a new system, however, my current system plays fairly good so i would like to know if anyone have had experience with this particular system (or the ca-mxs2) and if they can tell me how it would stack...
  3. D

    Component to optical

    I brought new lg led tv this tv does not have optical out my home theatre have only optical input give me solution for this how to connect this two component to optical?
  4. A

    Laptop fell, grey screen after pressing power

    What did break guys, any ideas? laptop suddenly fell from a table while Im playing on my pc. What component got broken?
  5. DeskTopBro

    Program that shows heat map?

    Years ago I had a program for my old pc. It showed the heat of each component, how much power was being used, memory, CPU, etc... The format was nice. But I don't have it anymore and forgot the name. Does anyone know of a freeware version of something like this? A one stop shop display.
  6. C

    Aiwa C80 preamp repair

    Does anyone know where I can get a 1982 Aiwa C80 preamp mini component serviced?
  7. P

    LG CM4550 Subwoofer connector, where can I buy this?

    Got an used LG CM4550 from my friend who was leaving my area but I was only given the speakers but I'm missing a part or two. I'm tying to fix this and use it. So first of all, the main component as well as the left and right speaker is working. However, the connector for the subwoofer that...
  8. A

    Component No Signal

    Hi. My TV is a Panasonic P55GT30. I am using the supplied Audio Adapter that plugs into the TV component plug. The other end is the female RCA (red/white). My CD player then connects to that. On the TV Input menu, I am selecting Component ( not greyed out) and the TV says, No Signal. Why? Any ideas?
  9. D

    Which audio output from PC?

    First, the relevant components: Creative Sound Blaster ZxR Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti MARANTZ SR5011 Receiver So at the moment I've got my PC hooked up to the receiver with an optical cable from the sound card. However, I just read that HDMI can pass higher resolution audio than optical...
  10. S

    Lightning fried TV's HDMI Ports, can I use HDMI to 5-RCA component cable

    Lightning fried all my Panasonic Plasma HDMI Ports. Changing the main board is a bit expensive, so are HDMI to 5-RCA component cables an option? I have a HD blue-ray player which only has HDMI port and I want to connect that to this HD TV which has HDMI and component ports. Will it work? Will...
  11. S

    New Vizio E66-E0, New Yamaha RX-V481, ATT Cable Box, Samsung DVD-VCR

    New Vizio has HDMI (ARC), Component & RCA New Yamaha has HDMI 4 in & 1 HDMI out, Composite & RCA Samsung has Component, Composite, RCA, Optical & S-Video AT&T Cable box has HDMI-1 out, Component, S-Video, Composite, Optical I've tried about 30 variants to link but have been unsuccessful & would...
  12. R

    Need awesome computer for gaming

    I want to build a pc for gaming, but now considering there are gaming laptops that can compete with a pc, and I can take it with me I don't know what to do.......... I budgeted 1500 for pc not including the other components i don't have such as keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers. So that would...
  13. H

    Solved! JVC UX-T3 Micro Component System UX-B1012 Speaker not working

    Hello, The speakers in this unit used to work fine, but now they're not working. The red/black wiring seems in good order. But I can't get into the speaker cabinet to investigate - it's impregnable. Any suggestions, please? Thank you.
  14. P

    Intermittent Component Cable Problem

    I am using a component cable to connect from my cable box to my TV. Things have been working fine for years. Then for the last few weeks I will have a problem where the TV screen goes blank and it reports, "No Sync Signal". The audio is fine. I discovered that if I remove and reinsert the...
  15. A

    Dish Network and HDMI Splitters

    I have Dish Network. Just upgraded to Hopper 3 with 2 Joeys. My main TV component only has one working HDMI input. I want to keep using my Firestick but the Hopper 3 is connected directly to my TV component %28 a Pioneer Plasma several years old%29 via HDMI in the one working input. I tried a...
  16. H

    Need help connecting set top box

    i have samsung led tv. there is no different inputs for av and component both are mixed up like yellow and green is one etc. my tv doing well for last 3 years but now suddenly it changes to component except av and my set top box only has 3 RCA cable. i thought as solution an adapter that convert...
  17. G

    Help identifying an SMD compent on motherboard

    I have a Lenovo yoga 3 pro 1370 with a burnt smd component on the mother board near where the power connector is. I can Not find a schematic for this motherboard. Is there a way to visually identify what the component is? I would like to try and harvest the part from another board and attempt...
  18. C

    Costs and Requirements of starting up a server

    Hi there, I'm interesting in setting up a web server for a basic site in future, and would like advice on what components I would require and which components are the best value right now. Or should I buy something prebuild or use a virtual server? I'm looking at minimal traffic initially, no...
  19. L

    Help with new set up

    Getting rid of HDMI- optical - component cable (cable box)..Just ordered a Minix U9H, android box, I have a little older AV receiver, Onkyo TX-SR702 and a Panasonic TC-P50ST30 TV... What is the best way to connect to get 5.1 and visual.. Thanks
  20. R

    Solved! help me on how to connect my samsung smart tv to component

    how will i connect my new samsung smart TV to my component as i tried RCA and optical connector do i connect and also i am having a problem as live TV has no sound
  21. J

    How do you connect an aux lead to a Sony mini hi-if component system

    I'm trying to connect an aux lead to a Sony mini hi-fi component system Mhc-ec69i
  22. beretta1220

    Invest in a gaming laptop or desktop?

    I'm currently a sophomore in high school and plan on going to the USAFA afterwards. I plan on getting a job this summer to pay for one or the other. Since I'm more concerned with keeping my grades high I won't be gaming as much as I wished (probably around once a week and days off) and after HS...
  23. J

    What component to HDMI converter do I buy

    I have an old Rotel RDV-1040 / old Onkyo receiver TXDS575x / New samsung 9000 TV. What component to HDHI convert do I buy. I looked on Amazon and many to choose from. Thank you for your Help. joel
  24. J

    Help picking gaming laptop components!

    I'm trying to decide whether to get a laptop that has the i7-6700hq and gtx 1060 6gb or one that has i7-7700hq and a gtx 1060 3gb, which one would be better for gaming? Or is the difference trivial??
  25. L

    Solved! Can we upgrade to 750 in this laptop. I dont think there is space and cpu. How can u just upgrade in a laptop plz tell if u ca

    Plz tell if u can upgrade in t he vostro 1550 laptop plz send the components link if u can upgrade to any gc
  26. B

    Plugging Turntable to speaker

    Hello, I don't know much about sound and asking for a friend. He owns a PSLX300USB turntable (product specs). We want to plug it to a single Pioneer S-DJ80X speaker (product specs). We are waiting for the Pioneer speaker to be delivered. My question is, are we going to need some intermediary...
  27. L

    Solved! HDMI to Component

    I have an older HDTV that doesn't have a HDMI port. I wanted to connect my blu ray player to it. In was wondering if there was some kind of hmdi to component converter that would let me watch movies in hd?
  28. O

    Connect HDMI ARC to RGB to ARC

    TV connection has component cable (RGB and Stereo) wiring inside wall that runs to built-in cabinet next to tv. In wall connection does not have HDMI. Can I use 'HDMI to Component Cable converter' to connect TV ARC to wall sockets and then turnaround and use 'Component Cable to HDMI converter'...
  29. Gizmotist

    Cleaning Sticky Keys

    So a few months ago I accidentally spilled some beer on my laptop's keyboard and now the right side of the keyboard has sticky keys. Everything still works a perfectly fine. I took out all the components to see if I could remove the keyboard, from what I noticed I'd have to break the keyboard...
  30. J

    How to upgrade the SSD in your Dell XPS 13 2-in-1

    If for some reason you need to change or upgrade the SSD in your Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 and don’t want Dell to do it, I’ll show you how. Laptops are naturally limited in terms of hardware upgrade potential as many components are soldered onto the motherboard. The SSD is one of the few components you...
  31. GamerLackingKnowledge

    Comparison of laptops - Need help ASAP for purchase

    Hey guys, I've been looking for laptops for a little while and noticed US has some good deals, though Australia has a crappy market. There is a sale, which kind of brings prices in line. The three laptops I'm comparing are as follows...
  32. C

    Please help! The component cable from the Bose is red blue and green but the lg tv only has yellow and green on the av in as a

    Please help! The component cable from the Bose is red blue and green but the lg tv only has yellow and green on the av in as an option ?.
  33. H

    Component and smart tv??

    I am trying to hook up a karaoke machine to a Samsung smart TV I cannot get that video to work without being fuzzy. I have yellow component plugged into the yellow and put on the TV but it is still coming up fuzzy, The same thing happens when I try to plug in my video camera and watch home...
  34. K

    Solved! BoseSurround sound system

    I have a Bose lifestyle 25 series ll system. The music centre component has died and I'm no longer wanting a music centre. I Am wanting to still have surround sound but no longer need a music centre. Is it possible to keep the speaker set up and plug directly into the TV via the acoustimass module?
  35. N

    Replacing A Blown Speaker

    I asked a similar question to this earlier but now I need some help identifying a proper replacement as I'm completely clueless and don't want to buy something incompatible. I'm running an old 1996 Sony STR-D665 receiver and the non-tweeter portion of my SS-AV22 speakers are going bad and have a...
  36. R

    is a trusted website?

    im planning to buy a pc component from alza, but ive seen mixed reviews about the website. but the reviews that say are bad are the ones who bought cheap items and want it returning. if im buying something i know isnt going to brake on me, should i buy it from this website. please, i dont know...
  37. G

    Updating laptop drivers

    Can I use this software for updating "LAPTOP" drivers? (T410 laptop with Core i5-2520M) Will this be safe for updating the core component drivers? from
  38. J

    Hdmi TV to component DVD player

    I'm looking for a cable to connect my Samsung smart tv that has only hdmi to a DVD player that only has rca/component. Please send links that will work but aren't super expensive. Thanks!
  39. N

    Samsung TV Component Input

    More a confirmation that anything else would be useful. I have a new UE32K5500 Samsung TV (T-HKMFKDEUC-1154.0) and I cannot get component input to work. I'm trying to hook my kids wii up to the damn thing but it seems like the TV is interpreting the input as composite. As anyone tried this...
  40. J

    Rca leads into component jacks

    Okay, so my tv has no ports for red white and yellow rca leads for av out. Can I use my rca leads to run audio to my home theater system. If so, what colour matches what? Thanx in advance guys.
  41. N

    Setting up a receiver with a tv, soundbar and sub, as well as dvd and other gaming components

    What is the proper way to setup a receiver (w/an hd pass-through if that matters) with a samsung 4k ultra hd tv and soundbar w/subwoofer for the best sound and least amount of connections? Also would like this to function while adding on a dvd player and possible game consoles to use with all...
  42. 2

    Will leaving the battery in during hardware replacement kill the motherboard and other components?

    When replacing my laptops touch digitizer, I didn't bother taking out the battery since I figured nothing bad would happen if I didn't press the power button. Now the power wont start no matter what I do. This thread suggests that the motherboard is the problem...
  43. sparda1

    Component Extension cables?

    I need to extend my PS3's component audio to my sound system. Are there specific component audio extension cables that I can buy or will a regular composite extension cable work instead? Pretty much everything I google only compares the video quality of component vs composite, but not really...
  44. sparda1

    Extending component audio?

    I just purchased a surround sound system that I will be hooking up to my PS3, but my current component cable's audio and video are joined together a few inches from the connectors, which doesn't allow me to hook up both the video to the TV and the audio to the subwoofer. What would be a good...
  45. L

    My older, but superior, Pioneer receiver uses the dual red/white component cords for audio to the TV. My previous Samsung TV

    Can't connect older Pioneer receiver to Samsung TV because of different audio connection cords.
  46. G

    PC benchmarking software

    Does the intensity of the software being used in PC benchmarks changed? For example, if i benchmark a PC in 2000 and again in 2020, will the score vary?
  47. T

    Which upgrades are compatible to my Mac?

    I am thinking about upgrading my Macbook Pro (Mid-2012; 13 in). I am planning to put an SSHD, at least 1TB (7200rpm) and the RAM, at least 16GB 1600Mhz. Does anyone have any recommendations or notice some compatibility issues for what I am about to do?
  48. B

    $600-$700 Laptop Budget: Lenovo Flex 4 vs Dell Inspiron

    I'm looking to buy a laptop and my budget is between $600 and $700. I'll be going to college soon and my needs would basically be 'office' work, video streaming (movies and TV series) and a side of casual gaming (simple games like CS:GO on low settings, League of Legends, and any other heavier...
  49. O

    Video Conversion Laptop Optimal Build

    Trying to decide the optimal components to look for when considering a laptop that would be used mainly for video conversion and distribution. Weight is no objection, I just need to be able to lift it. Any ideas anybody?
  50. T

    Need advice on chosing components for home server

    I'm looking into building a good home server/htpc/nas. A lot of the posts I see are stressing cheap, but I am taking a different approach with an eye to expected future needs. I'd rather buy a better board/cpu than get more RAM because it is Soooooooo much easier to add more ram
  51. L

    HDMI to VGA or HDMI to Component

    I'm using a Digital Video Insertion unit that only accepts VGA or component. The source I need to use outputs only in HDMI. There are adapters for both HDMI-VGA and HDMI-Component. I'm wondering which would be better to use or if there is no difference. I'm not sure if either of these would...
  52. G

    buying a new Alienware 17 laptop - component selection help plse

    Hello, Wanted some reasoning help with the choice in components on my soon to purchase Alienware 17 VR laptop. I have 2 options im looking at (both regual HD 1080p not 4k): 1. $1524 thereabouts: GTX 1060 with 8gb ram with an i7 3.5Ghz processor. 2. $2074 thereabouts: GTX 1070 with 16gb ram...
  53. D

    Recommendations for a ASP.NET Forum control?

    I am looking for a Forum server-side control that will integrate into my 3.5 site. I've seen a ton over at in their gallery page, but almost none have ratings, so difficult to determine which are reliable and which will turn into a nightmare. Recommendations? Both...
  54. S

    Apps for monitoring PC components

    Hi! Does anyone know trustworthy apps for mobo, video card, source etc monitoring? I want to be always up-dated about my parts' health. Thanks in advance!
  55. T

    New components for laptop

    Hi internet, I know have the HP Pavilion 15 with specs that do not really obey my needs. So i asked myself if i maybe could upgrade my laptop components like processor or cooler and my storage. I know in laptop specs the processor is attached to the motherboeard, just like other components...
  56. G

    I need a laptop for college

    Hey, I am doing a computer programming course where we wil be learning things such as "C" and using microsoft office etc. However, I also plan on doing some very light gaming (nothing that requires a dedicated GPU), and may be using adobe indesign + photoshop etc. I have recently (beginning of...
  57. T

    benck marking software

    hello everybody. not sure if this the right place but...... Is there such a thing as a free/trial piece of benchmarking software that will test my system and then allow me to compare individual components, so if i bought this gpu then compare it to another gpu and show me what kind of difference...
  58. Brad Lemon

    HyperX Cloud vs Siberia 200 which one?

    Which one should i choose? HyperX Cloud or Siberia 200
  59. M

    5.1 sound system to PC

    Hello, I need some help on how to connect my home theather sound system to my PC, currently I've connected it with a single 3.5 audio to RCA adapter and not every speaker is working. Here are the connections to my motherboard...
  60. D

    need help connecting a new Comcast cable box with only HDMI inputs to component surround sound system.

    I have a new Comcast cable box that only has HDMI inputs so I cannot plug in my component cables from my old surround sound system. What kind of adapter do I need?