Does this amplifier is ok for my sound system speakers?


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I wanna know if I can connect sound system speakers to a pioneer amplifier, pioneer ak10-k to be precise (I want to get rid of this sound system because it does not work properly and take up too much space).
The sound system speakers are from an AIWA NSX S909

and the amplifier the pioneer mentioned above:

If the answer is "Yes, you can connect them" how? Because my speakers has two cables per speaker (One is blue and the other one has black and white) and the pioneer user manual only show 1 cable (black and white).

I really don't know about this and I need help.

Thanks in advance.

I have no idea what is available for you. You may find USED speakers as well. You're probably looking for smaller stereo speakers (I think 50W or less each), or...
My guess is that the top wire (blue?) is a POWER CABLE, and the bottom cable is for the audio.

I've never seen that before, normally you just drive the speaker directly through the audio cable.

You can try to connect only the audio cable and see what happens (start at lowest VOLUME). I have no idea if that would work.

UPDATE: or it could be the TWEETER has its own channel in which cause your high notes will end up missing
Okay, all I could find is that apparently there is "bi-amp technology" so it sounds like the main unit has an amplifier (to drive the audio on the bottom cable), and there is an INTERNAL AMPLIFIER of each speaker.

So I see two possibilities when you try it:

1) Sound is horrible, or
2) Sound works on low to mid volume, but distorts greatly at higher volume (no secondary amplifier cable)

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yes becase is old. They are bi-amp speakers. Look this image:


here is how should be connected to the sound system. I mean, one is Low Frequency (Black / white), and the other one is the High Frequency (Blue).
And that's my query, this would work and how should be connected to the amplifier? If one of them are not connected there wouldn't be or LF or HF.

UPDATED: Should I do this ?
If so, my High frequency cable, that is the blue one mentioned above, is 1 audio plug but the cable itself is divided by 2 cables: Blue and black, which one is positve and negative?
You need to make sure that the speakers have internal crossovers before connecting them up in the way that they are suggesting in that link, otherwise you will be sending full range audio through the hi frequency tweeters and you will destroy them. My theory is that the amp on the hifi was providing the required high/low frequency's split over two channels per speaker - therefore, you will need an external crossover between the amp and the speakers.
Try Figure 2 or 3.

They function IDENTICALLY so it's just a matter of which is easiest to implement (due to the type of connectors and wires). You may need different wires and/or connectors.

For example, the TWEETER wire may be hard to connect to. Not sure if it's RCA on one end or not.

If you raise the VOLUME SLOWLY (from zero) and stop at any sign of distortion I doubt you'll damage the drivers.

How much do SPEAKERS cost anyway? Maybe you can find two, 50W (per) speakers for $50 or less?

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Which good set of speakers for music and PC do you recommend me?

I have no idea what is available for you. You may find USED speakers as well. You're probably looking for smaller stereo speakers (I think 50W or less each), or "bookshelf" speakers that don't have their own amplifiers.

They should have just two connectors (i.e. red/black).