Question help vintage sound system

May 30, 2022
Hi all,
i have recently upgraded to a pc and in the process of building my battle station.
I would like to add a decent sound system using some vintage speakers i was given.
I have to admit im fairly new to this and quite ignorant, so first off i need to understand if the below speakers can generate a quality sound system or i can dispose of it, not a problem since i haven't paid for them.

Then if there are some speakers that can be used i need guidance on which amplifier would work best and how many speakers do you suggest using at same time and how to arrange them in the room which is 6m x 3m (18sq m).

My pc has the usual line in-out-mic aux
Motherdoard: Gigabyte Z590 D ATX

i have:
2x KEF coda 7 10-70 W IMP 6Ω
2x AIWA SX-NAV70 impedance 6Ω (sorry couldn't find the manuals of this)
2x AIWA SX-N999Mk2

Looking forward for you suggestions and insight and thank you all in advance!
I would not mix the KEF speakers and the AIWA speakers together, just use the KEF ones. You can find used receivers with aux audio inputs for very cheap. If you want something smaller then just a small amp will be fine but the good quality ones can get expensive, this is a cheaper one but won't sound as good as something double or more the cost and is likely to be less reliable