Need old-fashioned speaker that uses clip-in wire

Jan 26, 2019
Way back in 1994 I bought a Yamaha RX-460 stereo receiver system with CD and tape player components. I haven't used it in years and no longer have the humongous speakers I bought back then. I'd like to replace the speakers with something cheaper and smaller, but I don't even know what to look for now. The speaker input on the receiver is the old-fashioned clip-in type that takes speaker wire. Any help on what I even look for? Speakers I see online and in stores now are all for computers and have sound jacks rather than the speaker wire that I need. I don't even know how to describe what I'm looking for to the salespeople, or how to look on Amazon. Thanks.
Lots of today's budget, PC-type speakers are ACTIVE, self-powered (has wall plug) speakers. What you need are traditional PASSIVE, no power speakers, that's the only distinction. Passive speakers come with no cable, because you can just use ANY "lamp cord" and it will work.
Jan 26, 2019
Thanks very much, USAFRet and jsmithepa. I followed USAFRet's link to Amazon (search = stereo speakers) and got these for $33: Dual Electronics LU43PB 4 inch 3-Way High Performance Indoor, Outdoor & Bookshelf Studio Monitor Speakers with Swivel Brackets & 100 Watts Peak Power. jsmithepa, thanks for the explanation about the difference between active and passive speakers.
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