Need help in identifying a Missing Component from my scratched laptop' Mboard (Not HDD.Ram.)


May 10, 2015
So i have a laptop that kept overheating sometimes, toked it apart and cleaned it.. now while assembling it back together, i genuinely managed to scratch the PCB so bad that a small component got tore riped off of it, couldn't find the component nowhere, the chip came off yet the pads are still on the board, i've was hoping i could take a closer look at it to see if there's any information written on the component that could indicate what it is or to get an exact match.
Besides that, on the MB right bellow where the component was, is written "PQ56" i assume that's what it was called, or what needs to be put there.

after some time digging on the internet, all i could find out is that it's some sort of "TRANZISTOR" but i'm not sure about this neither, the component is related tied to the onboard sound chip, therefore vital for me. and no, i don't want to nor can i buy a new one or replace the board, i'm in a difficult time now and can't really spend money for a new laptop, thank you.

I'm providing 2 pictures one with the actual damaged MB and another one i've found on the internet that show's us how the component looked like.

(My board -
(Internet -

Toshiba satellite - L755