Solved! Laptop and it's components not working propely after replacing damaged hard disk and installing new windows. I need help, please :(

Mar 21, 2020
Hey everyone!

I had the misfortune of my laptop ((HP pavilion dv6 7070se)) getting exposed to water and my HDD stopped functioning due to the water damage. I bought and installed a new SSD and downloaded a copy of windows 10 from the official website and installed it on my new hard disk.

Now I have several problems since I have done that, some things stopped working properly. the WIFI keeps disconnecting on it's own and also the fingerprint reader doesn't work.

My laptop used to run on windows 7 before, i tried downloading the drivers from HP website (I thought that's where the problem was) but a lot of them couldn't even be installed an error message shows that says 'the contents of this file can not be unpacked' and there are no other drivers on the HP website intended for windows 10. I have no idea what the solution is to get my laptop working properly again or where the issue is.

My laptop model is HP Pavilion dv6 7070se which previously ran on windows 7
That system does not have Win 10 drivers, plus if it got wet that can cause issues to the other components. You can try another WiFi card and will likely just have to live without the fingerprint reader.