Samsung Smart TV Won't turn on

Jan 23, 2019
Hello, my samsung smart tv model UN40H5203AF all of a sudden started to flicker. As in the tv screen went black and afterwards started to blink as well as the red light. I have tried unplugging it, removed power board and put it back together with no results. I also hear a faint click on the same timing as blinking occurs. I also checked to see if any capacitors were bulging or leaking but none are. What could be the problem?


Just removing the power board and putting it back won't fix a hardware issue if there is one. Try another power board, try another system board. For a 40" TV if it's not in warranty I would just replace it instead of buying parts to fix it, cost will be similar. Used 40-50" TVs are pretty cheap and I have seen lower brand 55" 4K TVs new in the $300 range.
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