Samsung UN60D6000SF TV + Sony BDV-E780W + Motorola DCX3510 Cable + AMZN Cube

Dec 29, 2018
I need guidance good people. And thank everyone in advance for this great forum of knowledge sharing.

My wife bought more stuff. Now more complicated. It's already a process to switch back and forth for all these things like TV, cable, Sony Blu Ray, Netflix, audio, and the kids' Wii.

Now she bought a Fire TV Cube. Oh yeah, we already have a Fire Stick.

What's the best way to configure these damn things?

Some things which might help...
- The Samsung TV does not have wireless card, is have to buy an add-on.
- Currently the TV is only used as a screen, not used for any of is smart features.
- The Sony BDV on-screen menu is how we access the cable channels (via HDMI from the cable box), Netflix & Amazon Prime Video, Pandora music, DVDS, etc.
- we plug the fire stick and Wii directly into the TV ports when needed
- the fire cube does not recognize the Sony system during setup

Where the heck does the Fire TV Cube fit in here?

Should I redo the configuration? (Obviously for my wife's buying habits, I got that!) Where I need help is what do I run through what and where and how.

Thanks in advance!