Question Seeking advice

Mar 6, 2023
Hi there, n00b here. I am stuck in a conundrum here. I have a Changhong 50" LED tv I got (on sale for $400) back in 2013; 1080p, 60hz - nothing special about it. I mainly use it for Netflix and gaming (PS4, XBO, Wii U, PS3, X360), nothing more.

I am looking to get a PS5 at some point in the future. I'm just waiting for Sony to officially announce a PS5 Pro or a PS5 slim. I am on a tight budget and have been saving to spend on either a PS5 or a tv upgrade. I have narrowed down my choices between the LG C2 and Sony A95K.

My question: Should I invest my savings on getting a tv upgrade, or, stick to a 1080p/60hz gaming on a PS5? I can only afford one of those two paths I'm afraid. Should I opt for a new tv and the PS5 can wait or is there not much difference when playing a PS5 on an outdated tv? (It's not like I will be hooking up a PS5 on a CRT lol)

edit: I am not looking for 31" 4k, 165hz monitors (I have been adviced to get a gaming monitor if high-end TVs are out of my budget), only TVs.

Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks so much!