Bluetooth headhpones only playing through one speaker when wired ONLY

Dec 12, 2018
This is very weird. I recently upgraded my AKG Y50s with their bluetooth equivalent the AKG Y50BT.

Was listening to them all evening using the cable. I put them down, picked them up again, and the sound was only coming out of the right speaker. The left speaker is completely dead, moving the wire around in the jack does nothing.

So I checked them on bluetooth. Both speakers playing fine.

So I checked the cable in my old AKG Y50s. Working absolutely perfectly.

So why the hell, when both speakers are working AND the cable is working has the sound stopped coming out of the left speaker when the cable is in?

Completely at a loss here.


The jack has several poles, left/right/ground. You tested your cable on another set of speakers so cable looks OK, did you try another working cable on yours? Seems the Y50 model you have uses the same cable, try that one on your new headphones. Could be the connection on the headphones is the issue not the cable.

Step two would be to contact AKG support and ask them what may be happening and get a replacement if needed.
Dec 12, 2018
I only have one cable unfortunately. But I'm pretty certain it must be the jack, and have contacted AKG to try and get it replaced under warranty. So bizarre that the jack went completely on the headphones instantly!

Thanks for your help!
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