Question Android + Car w/o Bluetooth: Have tried many y-splitters so I can CHARGE cell and PLAY music to car 3.5mm aux port--will only do one and not both!

Mar 14, 2024
2008 Chevy Impala. Not equipped with Bluetooth.

No USB ports (1) 3.5mm aux port on stereo

Android - Samsung A571 5G

Seeking (1) A splitter that will power the cell while it's playing sound to car aux.

Just want (1) USB-C connection to cell port.

Like a Y-splitter Not seeking:Bluetooth adapters of any sort.The issue:

When using the Usb-C port y-splitter + 3.5mm to car aux = Music on car speakers (Awesome)

But..As soon as I even slightly-touch the cigarette lighter usb cable to the y-splitter, the music to the car aux abuptly stops!! I then press the Stereo Aux button a few times and it simplys reads "NO DISK".

This happenes if I barely touch the power cable to the y-splitter AND/OR have it firmly plugged in!

Ive tried plugging them by having power first and THEN aux but its a no go. They simply wont work together.

Any advice with links would be great. Ive purchased highly rated splitters for this car so far and even with their positive end-user results I have zero success. Please help me.

This was suggested but ive tried other brands and wont chagre AT SAME TIME while playing music

Belkin RockStar 3.5mm Audio with USB-C Charge Adaptor Included Black NPA004btBK​

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