Solved! What connection, category of cable is preferable, and efficient from my DAC to AV Receiver?


Aug 14, 2014
Hi, I have a Topping D10 DAC (2019) that I also want to occasionally connection to my Sony AV Receiver, STR-DH520 (of 2012), that I mostly listen from stereo mode for analogue playback, from turntable, CD player, cassette deck. Anyhow, I use my DAC connected to my laptop Acer V3 computer to listen to music, mostly from by connecting to a portable eSinc hi fi headphone amplifier, by way of a Linkerpard 2RCA audio cable Y splitter cable (1m). Now I want to experiment by listening to music from my computer via DAC connected to my receiver. I had no choice in late 2012 but to choose an AV receiver, since I listen to hi fi audio, by the way. Anyhow, it is a decent receiver, and I have hi fi audio components connected.

At the back of the Topping D10 USB DAC there are 2 RCA L R Line Out jacks, or the choice of S/PDIF Out for optical, or coaxial RCA output jack. Therefore, what is the best option of connecting the Topping D10 DAC to my Sony STR-DH520 Receiver? Should I connect with cables using typical RCA cables, or coaxial RCA cable? I read that optical toslink cable in the user instruction manual cannot travel beyond 192Khz; cannot remember exact number, misplaced the user manual. Anyhow, I am trying to decide among those two different RCA cables; the audio RCA cables, 2 of them, or a long coaxial RCA cable; that I plan on purchasing from Amazon. Length is going to be 15 feet.

Furthermore, my Sony AV receiver has a "BD/DVD Coaxial" jack at the back; and a "TV" for audio in, L, R jacks. However, remember that it is possible to assign a different input from the remote control, or front panel of the receiver. There are also 2 optical ports, one for TV, but there is an optical port that indicates a "SA/CATV OPTICAL IN DIGITAL (ASSIGNABLE)". Therefore, what choice of cable should I choose for high fidelity sound to listen to from streaming, and my computer to the output of the receiver? Thank you for your patience, and consideration.


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