cable internet and lightening strikes - protection?


Feb 20, 2014
We have cable internet - it comes in from a pole and connects inside the house with a cable (co-axil I think it is - screws into modem) - it has been hit by lightening twice in three weeks and it fries the modem. Also fried the main Deco mesh unit. The strike last night was a quick storm and I was getting up to disconnect the cable from the modem after what happened two weeks ago. Before I could disconnect it there was a pop and it was fried again. I asked the tech that installed a new modem if I would have gotten shocked if the strike had happened while I was trying to unscrew the cable (I came really close) - he said yes but didn't say how bad the shock would have been. He said the cable is grounded and that is all they can do. So how bad would it have been had I been touching the metal screw when it hit? AND is there really nothing I can do to keep this from happening again? Now I'm faced with feeling I need to disconnect it every time there are any storms nearby as well as at night if there is any chance of a storm.