Bent charging cable, now won't fully charge


Aug 13, 2009
I unfortunately bent the only cable socket on my android phone, a micro-B one. Not knowing it was bent I pushed forward hard with a single non-muscular arm; I did--not--go backward to put all my weight on neither used any tool to increase the force. I used a mini-screwdriver kit the one with the thinnest flat head to shim and after slightly prying, I used a slightly thicker head to pry even more, still not a lot. I still couldn't plug in it, so I used toothpick to pry and I had to do so somewhat hard to finally make enough space for the plug to get in.

It was at ~15% battery, I then charged for 3-4 hrs and it was then ~1/3. I used it at low-power mode for ~1 hr then charged it again. Before going to sleep it was ~70%. Waking up it was < 60% although the battery icon showed it was charging. I then unplugged the side not on the phone then re-plugged it and the icon changed accordingly (not charging then charging).

Could it be that the socket issue is just a coincidence and the issue about the battery, battery sensor or OS section related to battery starting to act up isn't related?

Thank you kindly

Update 1
It went back to ~70% and it's been hours.

Update 2
Multiple times from mid 60s to low 70s.

Update 3
The next time I charged my phone, it was down to 25% then got to 100%. I don't need help for now, hopefully my next charge (probably in a month or 2) will go back to 100%.
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