Computer won't boot up even with only ngff cable installed

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Feb 3, 2019
The problem is easy; no matter what I do the setup is not working. Everything is what is supposed to be, I connected the PSU and graphic card then I plugged black cable (NGFF to HDMI cable) and pressed the power button but unfortunately the computer didn't boot up there were no sign of problem but capslock light was bilinking so i checked the blinking code (5.3) on HP website, its says 'The embedded controller times out waiting for the BIOS.' So I started removing part on my eGPU setup to understand what it might cause this timeout problem but I couldn't find and even more interesting thing is even I only plug the black cable to the Wifi port its still not booting and giving me the same error so the problem on the cable ? Well i don't think so ,its probably some shit on my bios but I need more detailes about that to solve it so thats why I am here. If you need more info just ask i will give it what you need.
(btw i tried delay switchss and the other switch for the psu no matter what i do the computer doesnt boot just because i plugeed one cable even the cable it self doesnt plugged to anywhere)
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Make and model for your laptop? An SKU would help two fold. Also are you on the latest BIOS on your laptop? Make and model of your PSU, how old is it? Which external GPU dock are you using? If you're using teh Beast EXP GDC dock, then there are known issue with the NGFF version not working on pretty much all laptops.
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