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  1. G

    Solved! Perfromance on 2080ti with egpu

    Hello All, First post here. I have purchased a Core X Chroma with an EVGA 2080ti Black. I will be purchasing a 2020 Razer 15 Advanced w/ i7-10875H w/ 2080 Super Max Q w/ 300hz FHD and connecting it to my Predator x34 (3440 x 1440). I will upgrade ram from 16gb to 32gb 3200mhz and add 2tb ssd...
  2. Shadowz21ro

    Solved! GPU improvement on Lenovo Legion Y720

    So my laptop has a gtx 1060 mobile, and when i ran it on userbenchmarks it gave me a 47% score. Is there any way i can switch to an RTX 2080 Super (i found one pretty cheap)? I know eGPUs are a thing but I'm unsure if the results will overpass the current GPU, which is build in. Can anyone help...
  3. _CaioS_

    Question Using a GTX 1660 in I5 7200U 3.1 GHz

    Hey guys! Can someone tell me how much bottleneck I will have? May you guys can tell me too if my computer supports a ADT-Link R43SG. It's a Acer Aspire A515 51G 58VH (It supports NVme 3x4 SSD). TY anyway!
  4. E

    (Boot Camp) NVIDIA Control Panel not recognizing GTX 1060

    I currently have a MacBook Pro 15” Late 2018 and I am trying to connect a Akitio thunderbolt 3 (GTX 1060) to it. When I plug the GTX1060 into my Mac, the device manager says that it is recognized and functioning properly, but the graphics is not used at all by any application. At first I...
  5. K

    Computer won't boot up even with only ngff cable installed

    The problem is easy; no matter what I do the setup is not working. Everything is what is supposed to be, I connected the PSU and graphic card then I plugged black cable (NGFF to HDMI cable) and pressed the power button but unfortunately the computer didn't boot up there were no sign of problem...
  6. A

    Toshiba Qosmio X505 Express Card EGPU

    Hello I've recently purchased a Toshiba Qosmio X505 from my local pawn shop for 120 bucks. The only problem is that the GTX 460M is kinda lack luster only performing about 30 fps on low in Fallout 4, Pubg, And Rainbow Six Siege. Its really boring an annoying compared to my RX 480 that performs...
  7. G

    eGPUs and general GPU questions

    First, please excuse me for my lack of knowledge, I am just starting to get the hang of computer hardware after buying a new laptop. I just bought a Dell XPS 15 and it states it has a Nvidia GTX 1050 and also Intel HD Graphics 630. From my limited understanding, they are both graphics cards, so...
  8. T

    Will laptop bottleneck the GTX 1060 ?

    I have a Lenovo U41-70. CPU: i5-5500U 2.4GHz (2 cores, 4 threads). RAM: 2x4GB DDR3. GPU: GT 920M 2GB. Since I don't have enough money yet to build a PC and it will take me another year of saving money, I really want to use an EGPU instead. But how bad the bottleneck will be and will it worth...
  9. A

    eGPU with a Samsung laptop

    So, I have been extensively researching about if I would be able to work up some type of external GPU system with my laptop that I bought last year. Basically, from what I've learned is that there are several ports that will support interfacing with an eGPU, of which Thunderbolt 3 would be the...
  10. D

    eGPU fan not working

    Hello, I need some help with eGPU setting up. I have Corsair SF450 PSU, EVGA GTX 1060 for eGPU and GDC dock (mPCIe). Everything is wired, the LED on GDC is green, but fan is not working. It only spins for a brief moment on reboot, then stops. I tinkered with drivers ignoring this, but even...
  11. A

    Solved! Which is more affordable/convenient: Laptop (2in1) + Gaming PC vs Laptop (2in1) + eGPU?

    Hi tom's! I currently have a gaming PC setup at home and use a Surface Pro 3 for school/work. My desktop is my primary computer, while the SP3 I use primarily for the tablet and pen functions (and portability). I value the computing power of my SP3 and am comfortable spending more to get a...
  12. N

    eGPU for lenovo z51-70

    i want to upgrade my laptop z51-70 i5 5th gen , 8gb ram , 4gb amd r9 m375, can any one tell me some supported external gpu for my laptop and ram also.
  13. K

    DELL Inspiron 5520 eGPU

    As the topic says. I want to connect my desktop gpu R9 390 to my Dell 5520(I have this GPU in my desktop PC, so I'm using it for test). I'm using EXP GDC connected to Wi-Fi card slot. iGPU is HD 3000, dgpu is radeon 7670m 1Gb. Was using eGPU software, but I can't make it work as it should. Maybe...
  14. F

    External gpu + Cooling fan?

    Hey!, I have an old ux31a. I want to play games thats not really going to hit on my igpu. Like Csgo. But it seems like it hits at around 85w at load. I have looked around the web and seems like using integrated gpu can affect cpu heat. And id likr to invest on a cooling fan as well to cool it...
  15. E

    Is this device compatible with laptops that don't have thunderbolt?

    Hello, my laptop does not have thunderbolt 3 and the only laptops that do are either 3000 pound Razer laptops or expensive Apple laptops. I want a laptop with thunderbolt because I already have a graphics card in my desktop and want to hook it up to my laptop for portable gaming. There is this...
  16. A

    How to make a eGPU

    Hey fellow people, i would like to make an eGPU set up with my laptop. I have chosen the devices but need to confirm if they will work. thank you. Laptop: MacBook Pro 15" 2015 Retina Graphics box: Graphics card (don't know which one will fit into the box)...
  17. D

    PCIe 1.1 1x for eGPU, how bad is the bottleneck?

    Hi guys, I have a Macbook Pro mid 2010 17" (Macbook Pro 6.1); Intel Core i7 (2,8 GHz, 256KB L2 cache, 4MB L3 cache); 8 GB RAM 1066MHz, SSD; NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 512 MB, running MacOSX and Windows 7. It has an ExpressCard Slot equipped; This slot offers an interface for a PCIe 1.1 1x...
  18. notes2john

    external GPU for rendering 3dsMAX

    Anyone using an External GPU for renderings? I'm using a MBP and was thinking about one of these options for rendering power... Primary use is for Architectural Visualization...
  19. D

    Lenovo p500/z500 eGPU

    Recently I purchased a egpu adapter called the exp gdc beast and a zotac Nvidia Geforce gtx 960 and I plugged everything in for the power with a corsair 1000w PSU and plugged the adapter in through a mpcie cable provided with the adapter. I modded the bios. Turned on legacy and turned it off...
  20. R

    Lenovo Y500 mPCI-E

    Hello there! So, im thinking about getting a egpu to my Lenovo Y500. I can see there is a free MPCI-E slot in my laptop. Do you think it will work?
  21. G

    eGPU Compatibility for hp 8540p

    looking for information as to whether my laptop is a viable candidate for egpu upgrade it is an hp elitebook 8540p with core i5 250m (i think, its 2.53 ghz dual core, may uprgrade to i7) 4gb ram, will upgrade to 8, and im looking to use an egpu adapter, namely the gdc beast/ares with a gtx 550
  22. T

    MXM to eGPU

    I own a gaming laptop but the mobile graphics card is quite outdated (geforce 630m) and i was wondering if an eGPU would be possible on the MXM port where the current graphics card is. i have 8gb ddr3 ram that is upgradable to 16gb and an i7-3610-QM (2.3ghz). and its about 4 years old. i have no...
  23. P

    Any tablet PC combos with express card

    I'm looking for a decent quality tablet PC with a express card port; eventually I want to have a egpu setup. Also I would like upgradable ram or 8gb or abobe. Last I would like to keep the price not to high.
  24. N

    Laptop External Graphics Cards the way to go?

    So, I purchased the Lenovo Y410P laptop almost a year ago. It is a magnificent computer with a pretty powerful graphics card (Nvidia GT 755M) being that it can run Battlefield 4 on high settings with a decent frame rate of over 30. However, this system is in no condition to be able to play newer...
  25. D

    Rendering Laptop: DIY eGPU build vs factory built build

    Hi, I work in a design field that involves a lot of CAD related design and rendering. I typically use programs like Rhino, vectorworks, autocad, sketchup, 3ds Max, Cinema4D, MudBox, Maya, etc, with rendering plugins like VRay etc etc. Most of my work is done from a desktop I built earlier...