Is this device compatible with laptops that don't have thunderbolt?


Nov 9, 2013
Hello, my laptop does not have thunderbolt 3 and the only laptops that do are either 3000 pound Razer laptops or expensive Apple laptops. I want a laptop with thunderbolt because I already have a graphics card in my desktop and want to hook it up to my laptop for portable gaming. There is this device that lets you hook up, up to 10 devices to a laptop and has thunderbolt support so I am wondering if it solves all my problems. It is expensive yes but cheaper then buying a brand new laptop with thunderbolt support. I don't really understand what the device does but I am wondering if it allows me to hook up the Razer Core device so I can add an eGPU to my laptop. Many thanks in advance!

Here is the product:

The idea is to attach that to my laptop and the Razer Core with my gpu to the device. Then hook it all up to my HD monitor and game on! Any thoughts?

Do you have an HP Z Book laptop? If not, you can't use a dock that is made for a Z Book on your laptop. That is not a generic docking station.

It does state in the item description " for ZBook 17 G3 Mobile Workstation", so if you don't have one of those, it's not for you. It's not even for just HP models, it's specifically for those Z Book models, not just any HP model.

This is actually a thunderbolt dock, not one that clicks into a dock port on the laptop, so it may actually work with other laptops, but you do need a thunderbolt dock on the laptop to use it.