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  1. ratnakarsoren

    Solved! External Monitor connected to iGPU?

    Hi There, I recently got an Acer 144hz IPS (FreeSync) Monitor to be connected to my 14" Razer Blade 1060GTX Laptop. sadly, the laptop does not have a DP and as we know HDMI does not support 144Hz. I have connected my laptop to the monitor via Type C (thunderbolt) in Laptop to DP (in Monitor)...
  2. A

    Question MacbookAir6,1 (Early 2014) External Display Issue

    I am trying to use an external display with my early 2014 macbook air. My mini-display to hdmi cable and the monitor works with my other windows laptop. Everytime I connect the monitor to my macbook air the monitor stays black, but the laptop display works. The mouse moves to the external...
  3. J

    Solved! Macbook Air 2015 As An External Monitor

    Hi, I currently have a windows 10 gaming PC with 1 monitor which uses a display port. I was wondering if I could use my 2015 Macbook Air (which has a thunderbolt 2 port) as an external monitor display connecting to my pc as a second monitor. Is this possible and if so what cables and/or adapters...
  4. F

    Solved! Looking for Oculus compatible thunderbolt 3 or usb c hub

    Hello, I'm considering getting a dell xps 15 9575 2in1 for work purposes and VR gaming on the side. This is intended to be my secondary gaming machine but there's one problem. There are only 2 thunderbolt ports and 2 usb c ports. I've tried looking for a solution to this question but I wasn't...
  5. D

    Solved! if i buy an egpu can i use a thunderbolt 3 to usb a and will it still work?

    i want to be able to play newer games on my laptop but i do not have a thunderbolt 3 on my current laptop. so i was wondering if i could just run a thunderbolt 3 to a usb type a converter
  6. F

    Solved! Can I connect a pcie thunderbolt 3.0 card to my pc using a xcsource® v8.4 exp gdc PCIe-E 16 x extern adapter ?

    Hi, i have a laptop without a Thunderbolt port. And I was thinking that adding a Thunderbolt port using an external adapter might come in handy. That way I can connect a graphics card to the laptop as well as other thunderbolt enabled stuff. I was thinking of using a xcsource® v8.4 exp gdc...
  7. G

    Is this a thunderbolt port?

    Is this a Thunderbolt port to which i can connect a gpu dock?
  8. traxxas4277

    Thunderbolt 3 with ONLY 20Gbps??

    I am getting an eGPU for my Asus ROG G752VL and the specifications on the a couple sites say "Thunderbolt 3 USB Type C 40Gbps" and then some say "Thunderbolt 3 USB Type C 20Gbps." I thought Thunderbolt 3 is supposed to have 40Gbps!? Can someone please read up on this topic and give me an...
  9. N

    External GPU without thunderbolt?

    Hello there, I have a relatively new laptop - the Dell Inspiron 5566, which has a i7-7500U, intel HD graphics 620, and 8 gb ram. It has no thunderbolt ports, and I want to be able to game on it. Is there any chance I can get an external graphics card that does not require thunderbolt 3?
  10. K

    Can i use lenovo y510p m.2 port for egpu beast? (Some8.4 version of beast says it connects to m.2 port)

    I have a lenovo y510p and i want to use an egpu device. There is no thunderbolt port. But there is one m.2 port for ssd (I dont know which type, it says ngff) and there is a board in the market, beast 8.4 that says it connects to m.2 port and allows for egpu. On further study i found that there...
  11. S

    Need someone to clarify

    Okay theres a lot of discussion regarding the thunderbolt 3 port. I need ur guys opinion with it. Does it really a necessity when buying a laptop or its just something thats overhype. I really need to know this cause im looking to buy a gaming laptop and its giving me a headache
  12. P

    i have a lenovo 720S-15ikb, and it has a thunderbolt 3 port, can i charge it through that?

    So i bought this laptop like a month ago and i was wondering if i should get a power bank to charge my laptop through the usb c thunderbolt 3 connection, and i cannot figure out if i can charge it through that or no, please help me
  13. E

    usb-c aorus gaming box "thunderbolt device functionality might be limited"

    so my aorus gaming box is finally set up with my new dell xps 13. plug and play my arse... I'm currently getting an error "thunderbolt device functionality might be limited". I have no idea what's going on, the led's aren't lighting up, the fans aren't spinning but I can hear it hum slightly so...
  14. I

    Can I use a USB 2.0 to USB Type C for Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Amp?

    I'm wondering if that'd work. My laptop doesn't have a Type C USB port.
  15. A

    Looking for a low budget egpu

    Hello, Does, the HP Elite X2 1012 G1 support external gpus over the USB C port, I have seen some reviews stated it's thunderbolt 3 but I'm not sure? Also, I'm looking for a budget friendly egpu that supports thunderbolt 3, what are some good pocket friendly gpu to find out there? I'm sorry if...
  16. M

    Lenovo X1 Carbon 6th Generation Thunderbolt

    Hello, I recall reading a review about this new laptop. The reviewer mentioned that there are two Thunderbolt ports and if one is used, the bandwidth of the other drop. Is it really true? How come?
  17. netsuJ

    Thunderbolt to HDMI not working

    I'm using my Macbook for my theater and I am having trouble getting the image to project. I have a Thunderbolt to HDMI which I then tried to connect to my receiver. I tested connecting the HDMI directly to the projector and it works, but I want to connect through the receiver and use my...
  18. I

    How to use GTX 1070 thunderbolt 3 to Inspiron 17 7773

    How to use GTX 1070 thunderbolt 3 to Inspiron 17 7773 HDMI USB --------- 2.I am using the "AORUS GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming Box eGPU, GV-N1070IXEB-8GD" "Supports 3 x USB 3.0 for peripheral devices" So can I use this port to Inspiron 17 7773?
  19. S

    Solved! External SSD Thunderbolt 3 Gaming

    So I am looking into buying the MSI GS65 Stealth which comes with 256gb in the model I want and I don’t want to pay another $300 to get the 512gb model. I need the extra storage for gaming because I plan on installing more the 256gb of games. Can I hook up a external SSD drive and download the...
  20. netsuJ

    Bass Shakers not working through PC

    Hi, I currently have bass shakers under all 8 of my theater seats, but they don't seem to be working well. I've tested them while watching a movie through a DVD player and they work amazing, but when I connect my MacBook, they barely work at all. I use a Thunderbolt to HDMI and connect that...
  21. packersfan036

    does my lenovo y900 ideapad have usb c with thunderbolt 3?

    im just wanting to know if my lenovo y900 has usb type c with thunderbolt 3. the full model number of the ideapad is Y900-17ISK
  22. F

    Looking for a good laptop around $1000 USD

    Im looking for a good laptop for around $1000 USD with some of this specs: - i5 8th gen (or i7 8th gen) - mx150 or gtx 1050 graphics card - thunderbolt 3 - 14 inches - not more than 1.5 kg The closest i've found is the zenbook ux331un: Zenbook But im not getting the thunderbolt 3 (and i...
  23. S

    Does my HP laptop 15-cc123cl usb C port support display out? How to add 2 monitors?!

    I have a HP Pavilion - 15-cc123cl. lists the port is a USB 3.1 Type-C™ Gen 1. "thunderbolt" or "display port" or "alt mode" is not mentioned anywhere. Can i use a USB C to HDMI cable to add a 2nd monitor with this port? If not, a usb display...
  24. G

    I need a new graphics card on my laptop but I don't want to open it up and it doesn't have a thunderbolt 3. I want to get a eG

    Need help with my Asus i7-173dx laptop
  25. J

    Looking for a laptop under £1500 under an inch thick (14” or 15.6” screen)

    Hello my fellow British people, I have budget between £1000-£1500. It needs to be portable (under an inch) with thunderbolt 3 and a GTX 1060 or GTX 1070, I preferably need answers before the 14 of December Many thanks Mr Kerner
  26. K

    Notebook 9 Pro (i7-6700HQ chip)

    Hi, Just recently purchased the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro (the 2015 version). It's got a M2 SATAIII SSD, made by "Lite-On." Why Samsung didn't include it's own SSDs is beyond me... Does anyone know the reliability of those SSDs? I'm thinking about upgrading the SSD to a 1TB Samsung SSD. Also...
  27. L

    Does Thunderbolt3 matter much for gaming/3D graphic PC? - between micro-ATX z270 and ATX

    Hi all, I'm thinking about getting ASRock Z270M Extreme4 Mainboard (micro-ATX) which has Thunderbolt3 instead of MSI PC MATE Z270. Would ASRock (micro-ATX) fit with my Intel Corei7-7700k and Samsung 850 Evo 2.5(SSD)? And will it worth it? Or should I just get MSI PC MATE Z270 without...
  28. C

    Thunderbolt 3 and PCIE Gen 3 lanes

    I have been wondering about this for a long time. I have a laptop that has a USB C port which is capable of supporting Thunderbolt 3. However, it only has 2 PCIE Gen 3 lanes. So am I able to get 40GBPS of speeds as advertised or am I only able to get 20GBPS as I only have 2 lanes.
  29. A

    eGPU with a Samsung laptop

    So, I have been extensively researching about if I would be able to work up some type of external GPU system with my laptop that I bought last year. Basically, from what I've learned is that there are several ports that will support interfacing with an eGPU, of which Thunderbolt 3 would be the...
  30. M

    Connecting a laptop to two 2560x1440 displays

    I'm looking for a laptop that can handle two 27-inch DELL U2717D Displays. I've been having trouble finding a laptop with either two thunderbolts or a thunderbolt + HDMI configuration. I tried getting a type C to thunderbolt adapter for a laptop with a type C port but that didn't work either. I...
  31. M

    Future Proof Laptop Features - Thunderbolt 3, WiGig, WWAN

    I am wondering what features people consider important for a future-proof laptop. Obviously, an SSD would be preferred. I think a Thunderbolt 3 port is a requirement. What do think about the value of WiGig? I don't really get the appeal of WWAN. Couldn't you just use your cell phone as a...
  32. I

    Charging laptop with Thunderbolt 3 in car

    I may buy Dell XPS 13, which has Thunderbolt 3. It should be possible to charge laptop via this port. Can I just connect my USB port in car with Thunderbolt 3 to charge the laptop?
  33. W

    gaming over thunderbolt 3 docking station

    I have a 17 in alienware laptop with a 1070 and a it has a thunderbolt 3 port. I was curious if i had a thunderbolt 3 docking station could i game with my discrete graphics through thunderbolt 3 to the docking station to the hdmi to my monitor? i think i saw at somepoint that a docking station...
  34. K

    help me please. tablet/2n1 with pen support

    I have 4 computers to pic from. all have good and bad points. All have pen support dell XPS 12 $674.99 + Thunderbolt support Cost - Poor battery life Core M processor dell XPS 13 2n1...
  35. A

    Solved! Which is more affordable/convenient: Laptop (2in1) + Gaming PC vs Laptop (2in1) + eGPU?

    Hi tom's! I currently have a gaming PC setup at home and use a Surface Pro 3 for school/work. My desktop is my primary computer, while the SP3 I use primarily for the tablet and pen functions (and portability). I value the computing power of my SP3 and am comfortable spending more to get a...
  36. W

    GTX 1070 and Thunderbolt 3

    Im trying to find a gaming laptop with both 1070 and a thunderbolt 3 port. i dont want it for the eGPU thing i want to have a dock and monitor setup at home that i can just plug the thunderbolt 3 cable into the dock and power cable, and my dock already has the monitor, mouse, and keyboard...
  37. I

    Thunderbolt Dock for Dell Precision 5510

    Work for a furniture company. Been offered the chance to have a triple monitor arm installed at my desk as a demo we can show customers walking through our showroom. I have a Dell Precision 5510 laptop with one HDMI out, one USB available, and a thunderbolt out port. Question is can I extend...
  38. J

    USB-C hdmi cord in one work with usb-c port. Or only with thunderbolt.

    HI i was wondering if i could buy a Usb-c to hdmi cord to connect my 2nd monitor to my laptop. My laptop doesnt have Thunderbolt but does have a USB-c plug on it. I was wondering if this would work.
  39. W

    Laptop E-GPU Help needed

    Hello, So i want to get a E-GPU for my laptop and am not all so sure about this thunderbolt 3 and usb type-c stuff. I need a little help and i cant seem to find any. I have a MSI GE72 APACHE PRO (6TH GEN) (GTX 960M) http:// And im not sure if it supports egpu's. it has a usb type c connector. Is...
  40. H

    ultrabook with Thunderbolt

    Merry Xmas everyone. I need some help to find the right laptop. Here's what I absolutely need: i7 HQ processor Nvidia GeForce (video editing) Thunderbolt 2 input port (to connect a thunderbolt audio interface) The cheaper the better as I'll buy second hand... Thank you
  41. M

    Laptop with Thunderbolt 3

    Hi guys, i've been trying my best to look for a laptop in the range of the specifications mentioned below but to my avail nothing so far was found. This laptop will be primarily with me everywhere i am moving. Laptop Specs :- HQ Processor 16 gb of RAM (or 8gb upgradable to 16gb) Thunderbolt 3...
  42. greens

    Thunderbolting Laptop - Monitors?

    Hey guys, I know thunderbolt has been around for a minute but i'm having trouble figuring out this whole, USB 3.1c (thunderbolt) as a display output. This is the exact laptop in question. It has a 960m and a USB 3.1 C (thunderbolt) port...
  43. S

    Laptop with USB-C, without Thunderbolt 3

    The laptop I'm looking at has USB-C but it doesn't have Thunderbolt 3. Could I connect displays with it still, or would it have the same functions of a USB 3.0? Thanks
  44. T

    Lots of eGPUs running desktop GPUs. Any running mobile GPUs?

    I've seen lots of eGPUs that run desktop graphics cards, but are there any designed around a mobile one? You might be asking why would you do that? The answer, portability. A desktop eGPU is quite cumbersome to take with you, but an eGPU built around a mobile GPU would be far more portable and...
  45. K

    USB-C eGPU connection

    1. What is the difference between Thunderbolt and USB-C? 2. Can i use USB-C to connect my laptop to an external GPU?
  46. D

    looking for a laptop

    Does anyone has good laptop suggestions with a thunderbolt type c. I dont have the money to spend over $1000 and i am going to be using it with the razer core too
  47. M

    Can I connect a PS4 to my laptop using the Thunderbolt 3 port?

    I have a laptop (Razer Blade 2016) which has a Thunderbolt 3 port. I think the Thunderbolt port supports video in as it can be used to connect an external GPU while using the laptop monitor. Is there any way to connect my PS4 to my laptop using an HDMI to Thunderbolt adapter. I would like to use...
  48. M

    Cheap I7s in Laptops with Thunderbolt 3 and no discrete graphics

    Hey guys I want a relatively affordable laptop with a top end I7 processor and a Thunderbolt 3 connection but with no discrete graphics card. I was wanting to use something like the razer core for discrete graphics while gaming but I'm not in need of the power while I'm at school or on the go...
  49. D

    Pascal Laptops and Thunderbolt 3

    So I am in the market for my first gaming laptop, as the new pascal tech has swung me to the laptop side of things. I am however a bit disappointed to find that very few of the 1070 equipped laptops so far are supporting Thunderbolt 3 connections. I believe only the ROG V752vs is sporting TB3...
  50. E

    Is this device compatible with laptops that don't have thunderbolt?

    Hello, my laptop does not have thunderbolt 3 and the only laptops that do are either 3000 pound Razer laptops or expensive Apple laptops. I want a laptop with thunderbolt because I already have a graphics card in my desktop and want to hook it up to my laptop for portable gaming. There is this...
  51. C

    Best Laptop for School and Other Tasks?

    Basically, I need a laptop that I can take to my classes, although it won't be on for the entire 7-ish hours. Probably, about 3 or 4 hours, but maximum 5 hours. This isn't for stuff like hours and hours of note-taking, BUT I WILL NOT BE PLAYING ANY GAMES ON IT EITHER. (But I will develop and...
  52. P

    Thunderbolt 3 External Graphics Dock

    For me, I would rather get a laptop that has thunderbolt 3 than built in discrete graphics, for the possibility of future expansion. However, while thunderbolt (3) is finally becoming more and more popular on laptops and even convertibles, the graphic docks are taking much longer to come out...
  53. Leo holberg

    External Gtx 1070 with macbook Pro

    Can i run a External PCI 3.0 GPU off a thunderbolt 2.0 on a macbook pro 2015? do you need bootcamp or can you have a gtx 1070 with vanilla mac osx? any good pci to thunderbolt adapters? Thx
  54. S

    Use motherboard as pci express adaptor??

    Hi I was wonder that can i use a motherboard as pci express slot and connect it over thunderbolt to laptop?? As matter of fact i can't use bplus or other pcie adapters. Thanks
  55. T

    is the usb c port on the asus rog GL552VW-DH71 thunderbolt compatible

    was reading articlees online sying how thunderbolt was combining with usb c ports and was just wondering if the usb c port on the asus rog GL552VW-DH71 was thunderbolt compatible so that I could use a razer core with it. if not is the msi GP62 6QF-480CA-K LEOPARD PRO laptop thunderbolt compatible
  56. C

    Macbook Pro connected via direct HDMI port but hdtv says it cannot detect a signal ?

    Hi all, just got a direct hdmi cable (no need to use dvi cable) to connect my mac to the tv, but even though i have plugged in the hdmi cable to both my mac and tv, and my mac did that weird 'black out for a moment' thing when you connect things to thunderbolt / lightning port on macs, the tv...
  57. D

    Acer aspire V nitro Black + Razer core =future proof gaming laptop...

    my new laptop acer aspire v nitro black 2016 (VN7-592G-70EN) i7 6700 660M 16G Ram 128 m2 ssd <--- looks like the sata flavor :( removed the 1tb hdd for a samsung 500gb ssd thunderbolt 3 So I picked this up for my gaming rig hoping that it will work with the razer core because of the thunderbolt...
  58. W

    I want your opinion which gaming laptop that i should buy

    I want to ask... I want a gaming laptop and i choose Acer v nitro gtx 960m 4gb ddr5 black edition (No SSD included). I choose this laptop because of it has Thunderbolt 3 for it's price than othet competitor.. I want Thunderbolt 3 because for the future and so my laptop can use external graphics...
  59. C

    Determining whether to wait... or find a Laptop right now

    With the release of pascal, that will open endless opportunities. Companies also are waiting to release thunderbolt 3 as well which will allow for the use with external graphics. I'm new to this topic but just wondering which laptop I should go for in case of longevity. If I find a laptop with...