Solved! Which is more affordable/convenient: Laptop (2in1) + Gaming PC vs Laptop (2in1) + eGPU?


Feb 11, 2017
Hi tom's!

I currently have a gaming PC setup at home and use a Surface Pro 3 for school/work. My desktop is my primary computer, while the SP3 I use primarily for the tablet and pen functions (and portability). I value the computing power of my SP3 and am comfortable spending more to get a quicker CPU in a laptop. I have no interest in a gaming laptop as I need it to have a pen and be lightweight.
I'm in the market for a new 2in1 (with pen) and it occurred to me that instead of splitting my funds between decking out my gaming PC and getting a nice laptop, I could pool the money to get a really nice laptop (with Thunderbolt 3, ie the Spectre X360 2016) along with an eGPU. I already have a GTX970.
I figure this would be both economical and convenient, as I would prefer to have one computer that I can plug into a dock at home with all the peripherals and unplug when I leave. What are your thoughts? My ideal scenario is that the SP5 has Thunderbolt 3, in which case I could sell all of my PC components except for the GPU and PSU, and use those funds to get a high spec Surface.