(Boot Camp) NVIDIA Control Panel not recognizing GTX 1060

Feb 23, 2019
I currently have a MacBook Pro 15” Late 2018 and I am trying to connect a Akitio thunderbolt 3 (GTX 1060) to it.

When I plug the GTX1060 into my Mac, the device manager says that it is recognized and functioning properly, but the graphics is not used at all by any application.

At first I suspected that integrated Radeon card is stealing all of the thunder, so disabled it expecting the machine to use the GTX1060, but for some reason, windows completely ignores the GTX1060 and I cannot open any graphics intensive application (currently using Apex Legends as a testing application) without an error.

Interestingly, whenever I click on NVIDIA Control Panel, it claims that a NVIDIA GPU is not connected to this display.

I had an older MacBook Pro (forgot the model, but it doesn’t have a touchbar) and the GTX1060 works fine with that one, but it had an Intel GPU.

What’s going on here, why does my computer say that it recognizes the GPU, but it doesn’t seem to recognize that the GPU is connected to the display


Mar 27, 2009
OOps the title was misleading. sounds like you should go through system preferences on the mac with the new gpu connected and see if there is a setting youre missing