Solved! Razer Blade 14" (2017) - display issues - is it a loose cable?


Dec 26, 2014
Hello all,

I have recently purchased a used razer blade 14" laptop (2017 model), and have noticed a visual issue that seemingly occurs at certain positions and holding styles (ie. leaning the back of the computer on one knee, while typing with both hands resting on the laptop to keep it steady. Also, holding the computer, screen open, by one partially closed hand, with the computer sitting on the palm of the hand, and the screen resting against the outstretched fingers).

The effect is that when the screen displays an image, sometimes half of the screen (usually the bottom half) will flicker to display not the correct image, but a doubling of the top half of the image. It's not always half of the screen that does it, but essentially it looks like you took the screen in a paint tool, copied one section of it, and then pasted it over another section, so that you saw the same section twice when it should only appear once, and the pasted-over section doesn't appear at all.

This seems to happen inconsistently, but as I said, it appears marked by certain ways of holding the computer. Is it then possible that the LCD cable connecting the screen to the motherboard could be loose, thus causing these kinds of graphical glitches in unusual settings? Or should I look to another cause for these kinds of issues? I had another model of this computer earlier (I was shopping around, and that one had other issues that required me to return it), is it potentially something with this model that has bad video issues? Or maybe a problem with Windows 10 (this is my first windows 10 computer)?

Thank you all for your time.
You say it only happens when the display is moved certain ways, etc.? Then it could be either the cable that connects the display, or the display itself.

If you feel comfortable doing the work yourself, you can open it up and check the cable that connects it to the motherboard. Make sure that neither end is loose. Even a little. Also check the cable for any signs of damage. Lastly make sure that the cable doesn't have any bends or pinched parts. This would also cause your issue.

Should you find no problem with the cable, then that means one or both components would need to be replaced to resolve it. I would then start with replacing the cable (carefully).

If you don't feel comfortable doing the work yourself, then I suggest trying a local tech.
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