Vizio to VHS hook up

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Aug 8, 2018
New search, old subject. I have a vizio d24f-f1 smartcast with 2 HDMI and room for the video cable and one audio cable only (the red, white and yellow kind). I want to connect it to my old Phillips r3475/37 vcr with no hdmi & my Explorer hdtv Cisco dvr with hdmi (which leaves 1 HDMI available for use). I also have the roxio easy VHS to dvd3 I'll be using. I called customer service for the LiteOn dd-a100gx DVD recorder I have, thinking I would be connecting it to the vizio. They told me I needed a component to HDMI. I try looking it up on target, Amazon, etc and HDMI to component or even to composite keeps showing up. A co-worker says I need an adapter also. Don't really want to go through Amazon cause if it doesn't work...gotta mail it back and times are tough. Can anyone please help?
I eventually want to connect the vizio to the roxio when i get a fire stick and some other thing to watch talk shows, news, sports, etc and be able to record those onto dvd.
Sorry this is so long.
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