Question Analogue Phono to HDMI (PC) convertors

Feb 5, 2024
I have looked at the forum topics and could not find one that would 'fit' my question.
I have an old camcorder that outputs 8mm tape to a phono (yellow/white/red) cables.
This was fine when played through a TV then onto VHS tapes. Now I wish to digitize
to PC via USB. I have used a 'Grabbit 111 and a Lidl Silvercrest video grabber (too old and no new drivers)
and one bought from Amazon that I sent back after it didn't work. I have a Win 10 PC and a
Mac m2 laptop. All I need is advice and knowledge on how to 'play' the 8mm tapes
via the camcorder and connect through to a PC via USB . There are endless choices
on Amazon at various prices and even more good/bad reviews. Has anybody achieved
to copy with phone to USB? Any help greatly appreciated.