No bootable device

Dec 12, 2018
I have a laptop that i bought from like 3 months ago. It's an acer nitro 5 an-515-52. And yesterday i ran into a problem. I was playing a game and the i rage quitted. Then i bang my laptop pretty hard on the harddisk part. After that i got a blue screen then my laptop crashes. When i boot it up i hear a weird noise coming from the hard disk part then it went into "repairing an error might take an hour" but i have work today so i went to sleep. the next day i boot it up i got a "no bootable device" screen and when i go to youtube to find fixes , the all said to change the boot mode from uefi to legacy. But when i check the bios there is no legacy in my boot mode bios. I have bought a new hard disk , a wd blue to be exact. But it seems to change nothing. Can anyone please help me?. Thank you