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    Solved! Lenovo y700 boot loop help

    Hello! I have a Lenovo y700 that’s going through a boot loop- Lenovo screen on startup and restarts. Gets to the Lenovo screen again and restart. I’ve looked up a bunch of things on the forum and here is what I have tried: Turning off by holding power as soon as I see the Lenovo screen...
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    Solved! Unable to reset Toshiba Satellite

    when I boot it says reboot and select proper boot device. Or insert boot media...etc. I am able to get to bios menu. But unable to access Toshiba recovery software or HDD reset menu or any windows safe mode? Maybe HDD is failing? Any help? I was hoping the recovery option would reset back to...
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    Solved! Laptop Black Screen

    I have a laptop that after the Lenovo title screen comes up the screen remains black and wont boot into windows. after many attempts of trying to get it to boot from a bootable usb drive (Even after changing settings in bios to Legacy) it would not boot from Usb. it would detect it but not boot...
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    Question Alba Recovery Loop

    Alba 10 inch Tablet stuck in boot loop (Model M16qf2h) When I turned the tablet on, it goes into Android recovery. The options are Reboot system, Reboot to boot loader, Apply Update from ADB, Apply update from SD card, Wipe data/factory reset. I have tried pressing reboot but it just comes...
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    Solved! How To Fix Boot Loop on Android Tablet?

    So, I had forgotten the password to my android tablet and reset it using the recovery menu. I booted it up and it asked me for my google account that it was previously set up with. I didn't know it, so I went back into the recovery menu and wiped the cache and booted into bootloader. Well, when...
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    Solved! Lenovo yoga tab 3 stuck on boot screen read for more information

    My yoga tab 3 ytf x50f has had this problem since it received a system update.When i turned it on after the update it got stuck on the lenovo screen and turned on and off.I have tried hard reset and it gets stuck on performing the reset (i believe) its still red when the android system recovery...
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    Windows 10 Boot problem

    Hello everyone! Yesterday I experienced a problem with my pc. It can not boot. When I open it I get a blue screen with the code "Inaccessible boot device". I've been looking for some solutions online, but I have not managed to fix the problem. I can not boot even in Safe Mode. I use Windows...
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    Solved! Alienware 17 R3 - No Boot, No Post

    Powers on LEDs and fans only showing a black screen and shuts back off after about a minute. I have no clue what is wrong I have tried every button sequence I could find after countless hours of research. Nothing is making any progress.
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    Solved! I have an Asus Laptop, when i entered Bios it reads the gpu as 930mx and then when i boot into Windows it reads the gpu as nvi

    Troubleshooting incorrect gpu detection and Code 43 error
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    Solved! Boot menu issue

    Hi,my Toshiba Satelite Laptop is not booting with F12 or fn F12 i bought it from uk.Any suggestion,please?Thanks
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    Solved! 10 won't boot

    ASUS NOTEBOOK hard drive is erased. Cannot boot to windows 10 and none of the troubleshooting choices in advanced options do anything. How can I get the PC to factory reset?
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    Satellite C55-A5104, cannot reinstall Windows 10

    hi i have a Satellite C55-A5104 it will not boot from usb I guess because it does not have uefi boot mode!
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    Solved! laptop will not boot at all

    i have an acer aspire r3 its stuck in reapir mode i chose start auto repair and it dosnt even hit 75% and it say failed or could not complete
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    How do I get google play service

    Can,t get on anything after boot up
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    Solved! Setting an external monitor to boot with lost screen

    Hello ! im new to this comunity and if i put this in the wrong category fell free to tell me, anyways i have an samsung rv520 laptop and it has a broken screen ,the laptop wont boot now .theres only a white cracked screen , my little brother did something in the commands promt..i asked him what...
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    Solved! Asus Vivobook Max, no boot device in bios

    Hi, i have an Asus Vivobook Max and it came with Endless OS. I wanted to install a fresh copy of windows 10, but in BIOS i couldn't make my USB to be in the boot section, I also tried doing this with a DVD but it didn't work neither. I read some articles about this and someone said that i need...
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    Solved! Need assistance with my pc

    My laptop has been acting up since yesterday, it keeps turning on and off when I am trying to boot it up , I tried all the troubleshooting options even resetting my pc and it’s still not working
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    Laptop display stays blank for infity

    Hi there When i tried to turn on my laptop today its getting on but no display whatsoever and also its not loading bios too . Tried some available methods online like battery calibration etc.also i tried to boot from usb its not booting it . Before this whenever my laptop gets into boot it...
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    Solved! Weird message on black screen, won't boot and nothing works for factory reset

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A105 model S4384. When i turn it on, i see the Toshiba logo then i get a black screen with a message: " THDBA is compressed Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart. When i do, it just brings me back to that message. I am trying to do a factory reset but none of the options...
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    I have a nextbook 11A stuck in boot mode did safe mode no help, hard reset still in boot mode, Whats my next step.

    Next book keeps rebooting at starting up.
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    Solved! Toshiba Satellite is stuck on System Recovery Options at boot

    Toshiba Satellite [running Windows 7] is stuck on System Recovery Options at boot. Starts to "Load Windows" then gets to this stage. No Operating System to choose from, only the two restore options, one of which is to load drivers. I have found the 'recovery partition' but nothing loads. I'd...
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    Solved! ASUS X401U laptop won't boot my new HDD

    So I want to replace my laptop hdd with a new one then in BIOS my hdd isnt recognize and its not on the boot priorities but my old hdd is working well and its recognize
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    laptop won't boot up

    While attempting to solve an issue, I went into the BIOS and disabled the USB fast boot. Now the laptop won't boot up at all. The LED lights appear, but no fan, black display, external monitor doesn't recognize a signal from the laptop. It was running fine prior to disabling that, now it won't...
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    Hard drive won’t boot

    My pc was showed up with an error when booting and said to press crtl alt delete so I did so it restarted and worked fine then the same thing happen the next day but this time the boot took 5 hours and was so slow I couldn’t even get the windows button to work so I ended up restarting and it...
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    Solved! Laptop BIOS won't detect boot drive USB

    So I'm trying to install a new OS on my ASUS Laptop (Model: TP501U) and it runs the BIOS: Aptio Setup Utility version 201. For some reason, everytime i try and boot off any sort of USB, the option does not appear underneath "Boot Override", and when i try to go to "Add New Boot Option", I can't...
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    Solved! Boot up time very very slow.

    I have Dell Inspiron 5370 (Windows 10). After having some issues with my laptop I had to change my motherboard which in turn would have also changed the bios settings. Now the problem is that to boot up it takes up a long time for some reason. The Dell logo also shows up twice on boot up after...
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    Solved! Asus x555q laptop cant boot

    Similar problem for me but i did disable secure boot and enable the Launch CSM, now i can boot a DVD windows installer "i did delete my partions there" and "make new" and then an odd happen.. i cant continue install the windows 10 coz its says can't boot the partion and says pls go to BIOS to...
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    HP Laptop Bad System Drive

    HP Pavilion 17 Notebook w/ Windows 8. I performed the built in HP diagnostic to find out the hard drive is bad. I prefer to buy a new SSD and install Windows 10. But of course HP has their own media recovery discs that I would have to order. Do you think I could just install my own SSD and...
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    Gigabyte stuck in Aptio setup utility. Nothing is working

    I have a Gigabyte P56 which has dual boot. Windows 10 came pre-installed. I had installed Ubuntu 16.04 and it was fine. Suddenly the system froze few days back and every time i try to boot it directly goes to BIOS setup screen. What have i tried so far? 1. I logged in to ubuntu using liveUSB...
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    asus laptop freeze

    Hi everyone I am lloyd and iam trying to boot my laptop bit it keep getting stick or freezes on the boot up screen. Sometimes I turn it of and it goes to automatic repair and freezes here as well his can I fix this problem Can't buy a new laptop or afford to take it to a technician now Can...
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    Solved! American Megatrends laptop aptio set up -

    I was following some advice about getting out of Aptio setup utility screen and this is what I get when I hit F9: stuck at reboot & selct proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device & press a key???
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    Solved! Asus N751JK turns on after power cable pluged (without button pressed)

    Hi guys, Need some help :) Bought used laptop with faulty keyboard. Some buttons did not work including power on button. Somehow seller managed to made laptop boot automatically after power cable plugged, without power button pressed. Yesterday i replaced keyboard and want to boot my laptop...