Question Laptop stuck in boot loop

Aug 7, 2018
Hi my laptop is stuck in boot loop. So basically from a cold start it will take me to a screen that says "Hi there, Lets get a few basic things out of the way." It then lists things like time zones and language. Once you click next it brings you to a screen that says, "Why did my PC restart, Theres a problem thats keeping us from getting your pc ready to use, but we think a update will help at getting things working again" Then it lists of stuff like make sure your pc is connected to the internet and plugged in. Then once you click next it brings to circle with a one of those circle loading things that says Just a moment. Then it turns of then back on to the Dell loading screen then it takes me to the first screen. Any tips or help.
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Is this a new device or one you have had for a while? If new, you need to return it and get them to exchange it for a working one. If you have had it for a while and it is under warranty, I would contact the manufacturer.

Now if you have had it a while and it isn't under warranty any longer, then I would ask what were you doing on the computer just before all this started?
You may well need to reinstall Windows from a CD/DVD/USB. However, first try the following...

  1. Turn off the laptop.
  2. Turn off your WiFi, or take the laptop to an area where there isn't any WiFi. (If connected via Ethernet, unplug it.)
  3. Turn on the laptop.
  4. Once it fully loads, then turn on your WiFi again.
Sometimes (especially in 10) updates, including those that come after a reset, can get the computer stuck. It happens when an update fails, for whatever reason, and the device continually tries to get it to install over and over. Leaving you 'stuck'. Until you take away its ability to continue trying the update, hence the no WiFi, then it should load.


Looks like the reset failed, they are good at that. Odd its gone as far back as language settings though, they should start after that step.

I would suggest a clean install as you should get further into the install process then -
On another PC, download the Windows 10 media creation tool and use it to make a win 10 installer on USB

change boot order in BIOS so USB is first, hdd second
boot from installer
follow this guide:
when you reach the screen asking for licence, click "I don't have a key" and win 10 will continue to install and reactivate once finished
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