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  1. Y

    Solved! have a slow netbook how can i speed it up?

    hi, I know its a weird question to ask but I got a netbook from my uncle as a gift..... but the problem is that it is really slow and it is running on windows 10 (which I kinda like....) see I'm a power user I have high end gaming pc with nvme m.2 ssds ..... but I really need a laptop / netbook...
  2. R

    Laptop extreme overheat 99 C heelp

    Hi everyone. I have a serious overheating issue with my PackardBell TS11 HR laptop. My specs are : Intel core i7-2630Q 2.9 gHz Dual graphic - Intel HD 3000 and NVidia 540M DDR3 1GB Ram 8 GB HDD 640 GB OS: Win 10 Pro x64 with latest updates installed When I gaming temp reaches 99 C and...
  3. D

    Solved! Best Laptop for Video Editing Under $800AUD - Lenovo i5 or Acer A9? Help!

    Hi, I need to choose a laptop for some video editing - mainly 1080p, some 4K - and I need to choose between these laptops. This laptop will also be my day-to-day laptop and I hope it should last all the way thru high school (yr7-yr12) This one...
  4. D

    Solved! GPU Fan suddenly stopped working!

    I Dropped my acer helios 300 unfortunately for the first time today and now the gpu fan will not run, but the cpu fan is still able to run. What can i do?? Please help and thank you!
  5. icr8stf

    Solved! Precision Laptop replacement GPU fan not recognized

    About three weeks ago my laptop GPU fan began to shake and become unruly (I assume bad bearing). I researched online and bought a replacement fan. I put it in and the computer booted but informed me that it did not find a GPU fan (f1 to continue,F2 to BIOS and F5 to run diagnostics - can you...
  6. D

    Laptop isn't using my gtx 950m

    Hello guys, I've a problem, which has wasted my day :( I want play last chaos with my gtx 950m but my laptop is always talking my intel hd 530m. I did try everything, and couldn't find a solution, yet. Everything on this...
  7. D

    Solved! Not detecting CPU or GPU in BIOS/UEFI and no Fan RPM detected

    Hello, I am having an issue with my computer not detecting my CPU or GPU fans, whenever the fans ramp up my computer starts to make this obnoxiously loud beeping sound, then when the fans stop the beeping stops. And I know it's not an overheating issue, the CPU doesn't get above 70C on load and...
  8. P

    Boot Issue - Avell B155 Max, ClevoW650SJ, Schenker M504, or SAGER NP6658

    Hello, I am a little desperate, as normal for a Avell B155 Max, ClevoW650SJ, Schenker M504, or SAGER NP6658 computer owner, and I red all over the place that this issue is very common but no solution has been given whatsoever, and I will try to bring this issue up again to help me, help other...
  9. K

    normal for a laptop graphics card to make some noise?

    my laptop is lenevo y700 it makes some strange noise its not hearable when u r normally sitting but when u put your ear on the laptop u can hear it makes noises like its touching something? maybe? please help im worried about it :/
  10. P

    How to adjust fan curve or speed for dell laptop

    i have a Dell inspiron 7567 gaming laptop and its totally fine, but im really fussy about my pc fan noises and this laptop is no exception, dell really messed up the fan curve on this laptop coz it kicks into almost max speed at temps like 55 on gpu and 64 on cpu, like i dont need ot to be that...
  11. I

    Msi Ge62 2QD Apache, One of the fans not working

    Hello there. So I'm not sure why one of my fans are not working. My BIOS has been reset, but if it is from the bios, there is no fan option in it. The Fan #2 doesn't work(0 RPM) when the laptop's fan mode is not on turbo mode, but if I turn on the turbo mode, it works but doesn't work as fast as...
  12. M

    Msi GP62 7RD Leopard fan noise

    So I have had this laptop for about 10 months roughly and it works fine. Until yesterday when it made this weird noise so I turned it off and back on again. After some investigating I've realised it's the fan(s) causing the issue. I tried cleaning them and I tried not doing anything intensive on...
  13. P

    MSI GT62VR GPU fan isn't working

    What the title reads. The fan was working normally until about two weeks ago, when it began behaving weirdly. The GPU fan completely stopped working a few days before writing this post. I have a replacement fan arriving soon but it's rather difficult to remove the current fan's plug from the...
  14. R

    Laptop ventilating improperly

    So i just got a new laptop the omen 17 lile 3 days ago amd i updated the bios and everything but i wanted to know if it was ventilating properly because when im playing a game the left exhaust is pushing way more ait then right side i can bearly feel any air on the right side but the left i feel...
  15. D

    GPU Fan constantly Speeding up then slowing down.

    Hey there, I have a year old Gaming laptop with a 1070. (MSI-GT62VR RE) Now I have experienced some blue screens but not often enough to say there's a hardware problem. One thing I have noticed recently like the past 2 weeks, I would be looking through YouTube, scrolling through Reddit threads...
  16. O

    MSI GE62 No Display After Opening

    Hi all, My girlfriends laptop recently was having some fan issues. The main fan was making some horrible noises. I've worked on desktops before, but never laptops, but of course I dive right in with my bundle of confidence. I swapped the fans, put it back together, and... Nothing. No power. I...
  17. J

    GD30CI-NR004T Thermoshock issues

    Hei Guys and Girls :-) - This is a stationary computer, not a laptop Link: One of the first to get my hands on ROG STRIX GD30CI-NR004T. GeForce GTX1080Ti 11GB Core i7-7700 32GB RAM 512GB PCIe SSD 2TB HDD DVD±RW,WiFi W10H Insane build. Love...
  18. PyroRaider

    constant fps drops in all my games

    hello guys, so for the past few months, my performance on my laptop has been painfully slow. i have a gtx 960m and an i7 6700hq, but i still lag on all of my games with HUGE fps drops, especially if i run my games on 1080p my laptop runs at 80 degrees if i run my settings on super low and at 94...
  19. T

    MSI GL72 6QF fan problem, HIGH temp problem? & tech advice

    My desktop sucks, so my gaming laptop is used for gaming and streaming anything demanding. 6th gen Core i7 6700hq, 8gig ddr4, terabyte HDD, GTX 960M 2g, used heavily for at least 9 months or more in dirty environment (cat hair everywhere!), but it's elevated and on a cooling stand, plenty of...
  20. J

    Control laptop fan speed

    Hello.I have an old laptop with windows xp and I can not control the cpu fan speed.I have tried the speed fan and it did not work.And in the bios I can not control the fan speed.Does anyone know a program that controls cpu fan speed?
  21. P

    acceptable high temperatures for MSI GS63VR?

    Hi everyone! I've had a MSI GS63VR 6RF now for about 7 months. For whatever reason it crapped out and I sent it to MSI RMA and now stuff runs fine. Games don't stutter unless I'm intentionally trying to max out or overmax game settings and it doesn't get so hot that I can barely touch it...
  22. S

    Solved! One of the fans on my 970M seems to ' catch' on something and stop spinning.

    So, after my latest flight... One of the fans on my Nvidia 970M seemed to catch on an obstruction and stop spinning. I opened it up and cleaned it out, funnily enough the second fan that was still working was filled with debris, but the one that had stopped was almost spotless. So, running it...
  23. D

    MSI GS60 2PE. GPU Fan Clicking Very Loud. Please help

    Hello everyone, hopefully some of you can answer my annoying questions so I can start playing DOTA again [​IMG]. I have had my MSI GS60 2PE-3K for around 2 years, and for the last two weeks the GPU fan (left side) has been clicking really loudly whenever in use (loading games). Having spoken...
  24. A

    Screen, Mouse, Keyboard stopped working, ports still give power

    Hello Everyone, I just built a new computer about a month ago, and everything worked fine since today. My PC booted up as normally, but I realized that my screen and my keyboard even my mouse didn't lit up (they all got LED indicators) and I couldn't do anything. Since my PC had been working...
  25. T

    ASUS X540LJ should i go for it?

    Hello everyone, i am looking to buy a new laptop ! Come across This Laptop , its the Asus X540LJ version XX016D. Specification : Cpu: Intel Core i3-4005U. HDD: 500 GB SATA, 5400 rpm. RAM: 4gb DDR3 1600 MHz GPU:Nvidia Geforce 920M 2 GB OS: No os , will go with windows 7 or linux mint! The...
  26. T

    Heat issue after installing new SSD.

    I just purchased a new Sandisk 480 Ultra ii SSD for my laptop, an Asus G75vw-DS71. While I have noticed the improvements in load times people often mention when talking about SSDs, I have also encountered a minor, but still fairly concerning heating issue. Before installation, while using the...
  27. J

    Start Up Issues - Dell XPs 130 Laptop - Windows

    I can't see the dell logo at startup. The processor fan spins for 3 seconds and stops. There is a LED indicator on front indicating MB is good in my dell xps 130 laptop. If there is gpu issue my cpu fan has to spin and if i connect to external display it has no display. so i think there is no...
  28. R

    Random fps drop/freeze to 3 fps while gaming

    Recently I bought my Lenovo y700 15 inch gaming laptop (Nvidia GTX 960m). I've been noticing random freezes for a split second every now and then while gaming (in couple of games). This occurs even in a low demanding game like Feeding Frenzy 2. I installed afterburner to check up on temp and...
  29. A

    AMD Laptop perfomance drop.

    EDIT: Dell Inspiron 5545 So i recently had a little tiny problem with my Laptop. Specs: 720p 16:9 screen. Radeon R7 GPU AMD A10 7300 1.9-3.2 And i can't find the damned motherboard no matter how much i am looking for it. But anyway,the problem is my GPU. Recently,my GPU had unusual...
  30. A

    Lenovo Y50-70 laptop won't allow 2k res on Asus PB278Q even though it should be able to

    Hi; I'm new to the forum & the toms hardware website in general. I desperately need help w an issue with my Lenovo Y50-70 laptop that I bought in Jan 2015. The specs for my laptop are: - 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4710HQ Processor (2.50GHz 1600MHz 6MB) - Windows 8.1 64 - 15.6" FHD LED...
  31. C

    Which parts of a laptop do you have to disassemble to clean out the dust?

    Hi! I've had major heating issues in my K53 Asus which is about 4 years old. Even idle CPU and GPU are at 85 C and sometimes go to 100 C. When gaming my FPS gets throttled, but Afterburner confirms that none of my systems are peaking out, instead getting flat lined. I have a manual for...
  32. C

    Razer Blade 14 CPU Fan Curve Too Weak

    Hi. I just bought a Razer Blade 14 2014. Everything is fine, except that the CPU is having temp problems. When under heavy load, the CPU jumps up to 93 degrees Celsius on the hottest core, before the fans speed up a bit and bring it back down to around 80 degrees Celsius. I then ran prime 95...
  33. Z

    witch Speakers under 120$???

    I'm looking for a some speakers that are going to sound better then a jambox "yes I know almost anything will be better" my family member has a pair of bose comp 2 series 3 and they sound great, problem is are they the best or even good in the first place seeing I've been denied good audio for...
  34. M

    Alienware M17X GPU Fan

    From where can I buy the Alienware M17X GPU Fan in India? I've been trying Alibaba but I cant use my Debit card to purchase stuff from other country Please Help Cant play anything the card goes upto 100 degrees Celsius
  35. X

    Cheap Gaming Laptop !

    Hello everyone, I am looking for the cheapest GAMING laptop possible NOW .... - Budget ( 1000$ or less ) 1- i7 2-8GB RAM + 3- GPU 850m or higher or amd GPU that is similar 4- 1080p screen 5- 500GB +
  36. B

    Help choosing new laptop

    Hey guys, need a little help from you tech wizards! :) I'm wanting to buy a new laptop, which needs to be fairly portable (~14"), and more than size, the weight matters most. I'm gonna be using it for school (Matlab, CAD, etc...) So needs decent processing power, and I'd like to be able to run...
  37. L

    I need a budget gaming laptop !!!

    Hello everyone, I really need a good budget gaming laptop ! With the following specs or more : Processor : a good i5 or i7 RAM : at least 8 GPU : GT750m or 760m or A similar AMD GPU in power ( Cheaper is better ! ) Screen : it would be great if I get 1080p screen :) Storage : Anything is...
  38. A

    Renewment of thermal compounds lead to turn offs, ASUS g71gx

    Dear tom'sGuide users, I have been looking for a solution to cure my laptop from overheating. I have then finally decided to reapply a new thermal compound Arctic mx4 on my GPU and CPU. After successfully doing that, I have reinstalled every wire and started the computer. After a while, it...
  39. SethS

    Adobe photoshop & driver problems

    Hey guys! So recently Photoshop cs6 has been giving me a lot of trouble. I know the problem of it, but I don't want to get rid of the reason as explained below. I have a r9 270x with the specific AMD 15.7 drivers. My gpu (though advertised to support 4) refuses to go more than 2 displays at...
  40. Nuclear51

    Help! Both fans in laptop doesn't seem to spin! - Critical!

    So i decided to take my Asus G750JM to my bed and watch a movie, after a while there came this weird sound. The sound sounded like someone threw some gravel right into the fan for some seconds... Then after maybe 10 seconds, there was this sound that were going on and off, i think it was both...
  41. 8

    Help with gtx960m throttling

    So I have the ASUS G551JW-DS71 that has the gtx960m, and i have noticed that everytime my temps go near 75 the gpu clock goes down, therefore i cannot play any game comfortably, and this laptops is supposedly for gaming. Could anyone help me with this issue Do I need to change the temp limits...
  42. A

    sony vaio laptop cooling problem...HELP

    i have sony vaio SVE15127CNS laptop.. it is about 2 years old. My question is gpu temperature is around 75 degree celsius when playing fifa 15.Is it normal? Although if it's not how should i clean the fan. Is there any way of cleaning the fan without opening up the whole system and what about...
  43. N

    FPS drop suddenly and then back to normal after few sec, over and over again.

    Hello everyone. I have a problem that when i'm playing games (dota2, csgo etc.), my laptop usually has sudden fps drops (from 100 to 15-20, and then back to 100 after few sec), although i have already used the lowest graphic settings. I have also tried to clean the laptop and the fan but that...
  44. A

    My Radeon hd 7670m fan wont spin unless i manually spin it.. is it dead?

    i have a toshiba satellite m840 and this problem just started happening recently. i had it cleaned since i thought it was what caused the overheating. the problem still persists and it keeps on saying that "a problem has been detected with your cooling system" and that i need to restart the pc...
  45. S

    Red Dragon Gaming Machine

    I have selected these parts for my gaming pc, I am really not sure about the watts i want for power supply ? All suggestion are welcomes and kindly tell the things I need to keep an eye out for : [PCPartPicker part list]( / [Price breakdown by...
  46. V

    Program for monitoring temperatures

    I'm looking for program that allows you see the temperature of you CPU,GPU,fan speeds,voltages,CPU cooler pump,.. as many things as possible in one program. Also something that shows you highs and lows and for example temperatures in the last hour. Thanks for all the help.
  47. Jdogz427

    How much of an OC do you think i can get

    I was planning on OCing my CPU, and was wondering with my setup how far you think i can push it. i know it depends on the silicon lottery a little, but with my MOBO, cooler, and PSU, how do you think i can do. Also i cannot see the core specific temps on HW monitor, just the package temps, is...
  48. V

    GPU RADEON 5870m Issues.

    Folks, I got an Alienware M17x R1 machine. It came with 2 280m SLI GPU'S. I bought 2 5870m's that came out of a M17x R2. They are flashed to the latest dell version. I took it apart and put the left card on ( the left side if you are facing it open ) and the computer wouldnt even boot, just a...
  49. B

    What do you think of this laptop? :D

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy myself a new laptop within the next few months, my budget is around £700 give or take a few quid, as I don't need an OS I've routed towards a company called pc specialist that let you select your own parts and what you do or don't want. I was just wondering what...
  50. C

    Best Budget Laptop

    Hi, Can anyone help me with chosing a laptop within the budget limit of 300-400$? I am still new at laptop stuff since i have been using desktop most of the time. Quality of the laptop should be: smooth performance, long battery life, hardcore gaming (maybe not too much hardcore but could...
  51. C

    Help Customize Laptop

    Hi, I want to buy a laptop but none of the store's laptop fit my budget or want. So I was thinking of building a laptop from scratch. Do you think its possible to make a gaming laptop within $300-400? What are the parts that I need and where can i get those parts? P.S. I have some experience...
  52. D

    Corsair Link - Accidental deletion of GPU Fan. can I re-add it?

    By accident I deleted the GPU Fan on Corsair link software. I just wondered if I could re-add it without a reinstall of the software? I remember it was a pain to get it up and working so I'm unsure if I should delete it or just use MSI afterburner. any help or knowledge on the how the corsair...
  53. i7Foxy

    Should I build this? Give tips

    I'm building a gaming pc, please rate my setup and give tips :D PCPartPicker part list: Price breakdown by merchant: CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor ($234.98 @ OutletPC) CPU Cooler: Corsair...
  54. hi9580

    Why are there no gaming laptops that use desktop GPUs'?

    Lack of space: Heat dispersion: Too expensive: No need/interest/get a desktop: So why not?
  55. D

    [HELP] FPS Drop after a time playing

    Hi, I really need a help. I bought a notebook yesterday, installed dota and had a surprise, this is my spec: - Notebook Sony Vaio Fit SVF15N17CB - Intel Core i7 4500U 1.8GHz (Turbo boost 3.0 ghz) - Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits (BUT COME WITH WIN8, I JUST FORMATED) - RAM 8gb ddr3 sdram - 15,5 '' LED...
  56. B

    GPU Fan Speed Software For EVGA

    Is there software somewhat similar to TriXXX by sapphire for EVGA? Precision X is discontinued i believe because i have extreme difficulty downloading it. TriXXX allowed me when i had a AMD GPU to set my GPU fan speed according to card temps so when my card would get a certain temp i could...
  57. E

    Speedfan cant find all my fans

    i bought 2 new Noctura fans today to put in my sidepanel, but when i got the connected (both in the same output) they were a bit noisy. So i downloaded Speedfan to try to slow them down but in the tab where it should say diffrent fans it only says GPU Fan, so the software only finds GPU Fan. Any...
  58. bestmak

    Gaming Laptop Hierarchy Chart?

    Hey Tom's Hardware, Is there a gaming laptop hierarchy chart somewhere out there for laptop: price, gaming performance, bang for buck e.t.c...? Please leave a link/picture of one for laptops in 2014 as a lot of new laptops/features have been released. Any other laptop related feature hierarchy...
  59. JanTemplar

    My laptop has a unsolved problem, is it done?

    I used to play starcraft II with my laptop on medium video setting 60 FPS stably, it is N53SV, asus brand, and => But after 2-3 years, now i think something is seriously wrong with my laptop, Now i can't play WarCraft 3 on the...
  60. H

    NP700G7A GPU fan not spinning

    When I power on, the CPU fan (on the right) sounds like its going full blast (with hefty air flow out the back), however the GPU fan (on the left) isn't spinning at all and heat starts building up within a couple of minutes. I have replaced the fan with a new one but it still doesn't work.