MSI GS60 2PE. GPU Fan Clicking Very Loud. Please help


Sep 30, 2013
Hello everyone, hopefully some of you can answer my annoying questions so I can start playing DOTA again [​IMG].

I have had my MSI GS60 2PE-3K for around 2 years, and for the last two weeks the GPU fan (left side) has been clicking really loudly whenever in use (loading games). Having spoken with MSI, I do qualify for an RMA, but I really do not want to be out of a computer for that long. I'm sure I need to replace the fan, but in the meantime I am looking for a temporary fix.

I've sprayed compressed air inside the fan fully, and am sure (99%) there is no more dust inside, and tried to physically remove the fan, but it seems to be stuck to the heatsink? Looking online the replacement fans seem to not have vents attached since they are part of the heatsink. After unscrewing what appears to be all of the screws for the fan itself the vents seem to be stuck to the fan? I seem to be not able to remove the fan? How do I remove only the fan, so I can check things out, replace it, and apply ball bearing lube, appear to reset the fan, and fully cleaning clean the fan as necessary for a temporary fix?

Has anyone else had this issue? I have called MSI, but they would not answer my questions.

When looking for replacement fans online, some include the heatsink and others do not.. So it definitely seems possible to remove only the fan.