Speedfan cant find all my fans


Mar 21, 2013
i bought 2 new Noctura fans today to put in my sidepanel, but when i got the connected (both in the same output) they were a bit noisy. So i downloaded Speedfan to try to slow them down but in the tab where it should say diffrent fans it only says GPU Fan, so the software only finds GPU Fan. Any idea on how to fix this? D:


Hello... it depends on how many wire fan you have and where it is plugged into... a 3-wire fan will give you "Tach" feedback ( speed reading ), but no speed control options... a 4-wire fan will give you "Tach" and "Speed Control" if you have it plugged into a 4-wire control circuit... a 2 wire fan will ran at one speed, depending on the voltage you apply to it.