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  1. J

    Solved! If I were to uninstall Speedfan, would the fan controls restart to default?

    I haven't actually touched the program beyond just checking Automatic Fan Speeds and then unchecking it five minutes later, so I doubt I altered any sort of fan settings, but if I did, does uninstalling them negate those settings or would my computer keep it?
  2. J

    Solved! Dell Laptop Cant Change Fan Speed (constantly on MAX)

    Hello. So i have new laptop by the name of Dell Latitude 3350. My fans seem to run constatly at 7000+ RPM even though my cpu is on like 10% use. HWinfo or speedfan doesnt work. I've set the computer to power saving mode and quiet mode through Dell Command Power Manager, but it still doesnt work...
  3. K

    Dell Latitude E6410 Fans not being registered/too slow.

    Hey, trying to find anyplace to control the fan speeds on my Dell Latitude E6410 and haven't been able to find anything regarding this, tried various different programs and even looked in the BIOS and found nothing regarding the fans. Can anyone please help? Overheating is too much of a problem...
  4. B

    Laptop temps reach 96°C+ with a faulty fan, want to know if the CPU is wounded or not?

    My laptop(Hp/win7/i5/4gb) reached a temp of over 96°C yesterday when I was checking its performance with an inbuilt diagnostic tool, the fan is faulty and I'm too lazy to get it changed so I reduced the performance down to the minimum to keep the temps down, I monitor the temp with speedfan in...
  5. C

    Is it normal that there no gpu on SpeedFan temps?

    In one laptop i have the display of 1 core, 1 gpu, 1 hdd, and another 2 cores and 1hdd, no gpu temp? Is that normal?
  6. A

    Is my laptop Over Heating?

    Hi! Today I installed an app named SpeedFan... And my temps are 52C (Temp1) with no any loads.... Considering that I have a cooler under it.... Help me fix this
  7. D

    Program not running at windows boot

    I got a 3 pin fan(thermaltake pure 12) it has 3 pin connector my mobo cant control it,thats y im using speedfan,i have set all the settings but speedfan wont run at windows boot ,i've tried windows task scheduler and task manager startup program tricks but both are not running speedfan at system...
  8. R

    Solved! Laptop Low fan 2 RPM?

    So, my daughter dropped my new laptop last night and now it seems to be overheating more often, I instaled speedfan and about 5 minutes into league of legends, I'm at 60c+, I'm not sure if that's normal or not, but fan 1 is at about 2500 RPM and Fan 2 is 150. is this normal? Did she break a...
  9. Z

    How to setup SpeedFan advanced fan control to skip 1%-24%

    Basically what i'm looking for is to set up my fan curve to completely stop the fans under 40C and when it hits that temp i want it to go to 25% right away. (to skip the area where my fans don't turn on.) Like with MSI Afterburner you can have an exactly 90 degree angle on your fan curve. so the...
  10. A

    How Can I change the Settings of Windows or SpeedFan so it is only Active When Open

    Is there a way for to allow speed fans effects to be active only when the application is running in the background or as a window. I want my motherboard to control my fans but only when SpeedFan is not open. Is this possible? If so, how?
  11. J

    Static noise and Speedfan

    Dell Inspiron 7559 runs hot, so installed Speedfan. Speedfan works great and turns the fans on and off as necessary, but when Speedfan program is active, I get static crackle noise on my laptop speakers when playing music, watching video, any audio coming out of the speakers there is a static...
  12. R

    My Asus Sonic Master Shuts Off Randomly especially during Videos.

    I have SPEEDFAN installed to check the temp. I dont think its heat related. The laptop is brand new. I really only use it for a couple of hours on Sunday mornings for a church gathering. The rest of the week I dont use it. There arent many documents or anything in it. Its brand new. I live in...
  13. N

    How to make SpeedFan start when Windows Boots.

    I love speedfan as it makes my computer a lot more quiet. But, cant seem to find a way for it to start up. I cant drag the shortcut to the start up! appreciate any help
  14. H

    What does Temp 2 reading in Speedfan Software

    I have something odd going on in my Speedfan software. As you can see in the picture I have CPUID Hardware Monitor open and Speedfan Software open and in Speedfan Software there is a Temp 2 which is registering a 127c reading. But in the CPUID Hardware Monitor there is no such thing. Anyone...
  15. sharndowg

    What are the chances of a CPU fan malfunction?

    Good day to you all, I do consider myself a DIY solver when it comes to tech problems, but this time I'am truly stumped. I really need some suggestions. Problem: Laptop fan has suddenly started operating at full speed. And I can't seem to find a reason behind it. System: ASUS UX303LA, i7...
  16. W

    Speedfan installs successfully, but the executable just hangs indefinitely. It's been months and nobody has responded :(

    I successfully installed Speedfan (from the Almico site). But when I run it, nothing happens. It's on my system tray, but it doesn't respond to left/right-clicking. Trying to run Speedfan.exe again just executes another instance of Speedfan (duh). Trying to kill the Speedfans in task manager...
  17. C

    Razer Blade 14 CPU Fan Curve Too Weak

    Hi. I just bought a Razer Blade 14 2014. Everything is fine, except that the CPU is having temp problems. When under heavy load, the CPU jumps up to 93 degrees Celsius on the hottest core, before the fans speed up a bit and bring it back down to around 80 degrees Celsius. I then ran prime 95...
  18. L

    I have Corsair Link and SpeedFan installed. Which one Should I use?

    I installed Corsair Link quite a while ago but I'm not impressed by it, at least by the lack of options. After reading and using the program a few times, I really enjoyed it. I'd really like some help. Thanks a bunch. (BTW) i couldn't find the best category for this question, sorry.
  19. M

    Computer crashes/freezes at Windows logo (startup)

    (TL;DR: I have recently been facing random freezes on my computer. It is not OS related as it may freeze before POST or BIOS. I concluded that problem was either overheating or PSU (previously tested RAM with memtest86 and WMD). Installed SpeedFan but it did not help so I uninstalled. After...
  20. 6

    I can't change fan speed on speedfan

    My laptop is 60 C in idle.I want to change my fan speed because its always slow.But I cant configure PWM.thanks
  21. Matthew Wai

    SpeedFan is diasbled automatically after waking up from the sleep mode.

    I am using SpeedFan. In the 'Advanced' settings, all 'PWM mode's have been set to 'manual', i.e. controlled by SpeedFan. But after waking up from the sleep mode, all will be automatically changed to 'DO NOT USE', i.e. controlled by the BIOS, and they won't revert to 'manual' unless SpeedFan is...
  22. P

    how to set speedfan, that every time i open it, it will automatically run the settings and fan speed i want?

    so i have used the task schedule to create a task to run speedfan on startup but when speedfan opens it sets the fan to 100% and i still have to manually adjust the fan speed, its too noisy i tell you :D, also how can i set task scheduler to start speedfan right on startup, not after 30 sec.
  23. D

    Overheating ssd hardrive

    Hello there! I recently bought a XMG c504 laptop, im very pleased with it BUT it seems like my SSD where i have my OS installed is getting way hotter then the rest of the computer. I downloaded speedfan to check the temprature levels and everything seems allright except the ssd running up to...
  24. 1

    Three questions about Speedfan

    I have three questions about Speedfan: 1) What is it "Delta vaue for fan speeds"? What is it used to? 2) How to adjust that the program will not be minimized to tray (hide icons) but only to bar like other programs? I can't find the option in settings. 3) How to best adjust desired and warning...
  25. L

    SpeedFan and the Advanced Section?

    I understand the basics of Speedfan but I'm lost when it comes to the Advanced that area. Should I even mess with that section? Any help with this area would be great. Thanks in advanced.
  26. M

    How can I get Speedfan to work constantly without any user input?

    I have a computer that runs on the warm side and want to give it to a computer user who is a newbie. I don't what him to worry about remembering to run Speedfan, so I want to set it to run automatically. I tried putting the shortcut in the startup folder but windows wouldn't start it. I can...
  27. S

    Speedfan temp1 temp2 ...

    http://i.imgur.com/n24BNyP.png I have a HP 840 G1. What is from temp1 to temp6? And is core 0 and core 1 correct because it seems low ? And temp6 is boiling hot?
  28. L

    SpeedFan controlling CPU fan but not chassis fan? Motherboard issue?

    Ever since I bought a Biostar B75MU3+ mATX motherboard the case fan is running at a full 100% (about 2900 rpm). I decided to give Speedfan a go and was able to find a way to adjust the CPU speeds but none of the PWM settings adjust the case fan. I have all PWM modes set to software controlled...
  29. A

    Gigabyte Z97x-SLI SpeedFan

    Can anyone tell me why only my gpu fans are showing up in speedfan? I have another 4 fans plugged into my motherboard, none of which seem to be showing up. I have some fan control options in the bios so it's not like the mobo can't control them. I'm using SpeedFan 4.49 by the way.
  30. E

    Speedfan cant find all my fans

    i bought 2 new Noctura fans today to put in my sidepanel, but when i got the connected (both in the same output) they were a bit noisy. So i downloaded Speedfan to try to slow them down but in the tab where it should say diffrent fans it only says GPU Fan, so the software only finds GPU Fan. Any...
  31. M

    Speedfan not automaticly ajusting speed for set temp

    I have speed fan 4.49 installed and am trying to use the Automatic Fan Speed. I have set the Desired temp at 32C in the configuration and a min speed of 25 % with a max speed of 100%. Right now the temp is 41C and the Automatic Fan Speed only has the fans running at 48%. I would have thought...
  32. M

    Trying to find CPU temp

    So I've been trying to find my CPU temp with multiple different temp reading software but it's just getting me very confused and filling me with questions. To kinda show what I'm talking about, Speccy shows my CPU being at around 35c while speedfan and hwmonitor show things like tmpin0, 1, and...
  33. P

    Samsung 700z3a idle temperature too high

    So I just bought the laptop and the first software I downloaded was speedfan and ran that. It seemed fine but after a while (I was using word) I checked the temperature and it was running at 66 C°. Naturally I thought there was something wrong with the software, so I downloaded speccy; it...
  34. S

    identifying CPU temperature on SpeedFan

    Hi i am not sure if this is in the right section. i have speedfan installed to look at temp but i am unsure what one the CPU one is. there are two which i think could be the CPU but am not sure. the first one is on the IT8721F chip and the snsor is Temp1. However, another temp is on the AMD K10...
  35. C

    I think I solved my ‘laptop instantaneous shutdown’ problem. But it makes no sense. Please help.

    I am having a problem for 5 weeks that I can't solve and it's driving me crazy. By the end of the post, you’ll see why I need help from you guys. [EDIT: My warranty expires shortly. There are so many unexplained things, asked as 3 Qs at the end, that I have to assume this problem may recur...
  36. Z

    current sector pending

    Recently I found my Hitachi HDD having a current sector pending error(RAW value of 1) in Speedfan and it displays the drive fitness as 0%. Is this scary?
  37. H

    How to control fan speed using SpeedFan?

    The CPU fan in my laptop is running too fast. I wish to control the speed manually to my preference, at times. Here is a CPU-Z screenshot of my laptop configuration: http://i.stack.imgur.com/1oST1.png And here is how SpeedFan window looks at my end: http://i.imgur.com/BIi0RdJ.jpg I have no...
  38. rehed21

    Disk drive monitoring tools discrepency

    I used Speedfan to check the SMART status of my 10 month old Seagate internal 3TB drive and the in-depth analysis said that fitness and performance were both at 59% which was a significant change from a week or two ago when I checked last. Seek error rate was at the far left and Raw Read Error...
  39. D

    Notable/Essential Programs to download

    Can anyone give me some notable/helpful programs to download? Currently I have CCleaner SpeedFan CUP-Z Anything else that's helpful and will help me keep my computer up to check? Thanks
  40. C

    Clean Sony VAIO Overheating

    Hi there I really hope you guys can help me out.. So I got a Sony VAIO VPCEB4X1E/BQ. I have downloaded Speedfan to check the temperatures, and everytime I use my laptop just a bit, the temperatures (mostly GPU, CPU and System) shows the little flame icon. I figured that it couldn't be right, so...
  41. C

    Shutdown and remove Speed Fan

    I wish to remove SpeedFan from my computer. How do I shut it down so that it can be removed
  42. M

    A Speedfan type programm

    I have got the P8Z77-V LX motherboard, and my motherboard doesn't support Speedfan :??: Now I wanted to ask if there is a programm simmular to Speedfan? I would really appriciate some help.
  43. A

    Speedfan being twitchy

    I just replaced my gt 520 vid card with a radeon 7770 and now speedfan isn't reading my cpu temps properly. It's reading Core 1 as -128 celsius. This is a new change that popped up immediately after installing the new card. Alas, I cannot find any official speedfan forums, so I came here...
  44. D

    SpeedFan issue

    Hy guys, I'm not sure i posted in the right place, but here it goes: i have a issue with speedfan 4.47. Ever since i installed comodo firewall i noticed that at a certain interval (about a week) speedfan tries to connect to some ip address (, which i dont want it to do. If i dont...
  45. J

    Checking temps on 4700

    Hello, Can I check temps other than the disk on a Dell 4700 using Speedfan?
  46. J

    Using Speedfan but no fans are listed

    Using Speedfan but the box where my fans should be listed is empty. I have 3 listed Temps, all around 40C, but no fans. If I try to "Configure" then choose "Fans" there is nothing listed. Is there something I can do on my end to detect the fan? Thanks.
  47. M

    Speedfan problem

    Hi, just wondered if I could pick some of your brains for a bit of help with Speedfan. The setup I've got in my computer is that I have 3 case fans & the CPU cooler. The CPU cooler is connected directly to the mobo, the other 3 fans are connected to the only CaseFan connector on my mobo using a...
  48. S

    Speedfan & HWMonitor both show high NB reading

    Research tells me that speedfan is basically not to be trusted, but what about HWMonitor? The reading in question is TMPIN1(HWMonitor)/Temp2(Speedfan), which is about 93°C at idle. Best I can tell this is a reading for the northbridge. My board is MSI 785GT-E63. Touch tested all the...
  49. K

    SpeedFan Temps

    Hello, Would anyone be able to help me determine what all these temp readings mean? http://i.imgur.com/JBCes.png I know some of them (GPU, HD0, MB), but what about the others? If I have a quadcore, what does CPU or Core refer to? And is it normal to have a temp at -128C? Thanks in advance.
  50. I

    Solved! Dell d630 shuts off randomly.

    I have a Dell d630 and it has been shutting off randomly over the last couple of days. I have Speedfan and I have never seen the temps over 55c (all temps) at load, no load. It has been working fine before, no new hardware, programs (except Speedfan), or updates installed. The fan runs (not...
  51. K

    Temperature Monitor That Monitors Both CPU and GPU?

    I have speedfan, but it doesn't monitor the gpu. Can you guys suggest a good program that does both. Thank You
  52. kineticman

    Speedfan question

    I was trying to create a custom profile using speedfan that would turn my side case fan off when temps were low enough (only really needs to be on when gaming). However, when the fan would ramp back up from a 0% setting to being on again, something would emit a very audible squealing noise. I'm...
  53. D

    Speed Fan on HP Dv7-3079

    SpeedFan won't work on HP Dv7-3079. I can't see my Cooling Fan,Fan1:0rpm even though i can hear and see it working.
  54. XxQuinnzoxX

    Emachines e625 - Speedfan

    I recently upgraded my Emachines e625 laptop with an extra 2gb of ram, and a OCZ Agility 2 60gb SSD. Before the upgrade, speedfan didn't work great, but had some functionality to monitor temperatures. It used to show ACHI, Temp 1 and Core. ACHI and Temp 1 showed realistic temperatures, while...
  55. fxv300


    Hi, I have configured SpeedFan to log various items. I cannot find where the log files are stored. I am on WIndows7 64 bit. Have looked in the SpeedFan folder C:\Program Files (x86)\SpeedFan also searched for SFLog*.*
  56. razercultmember1

    Solved! ASUS N51Vn control fan speed?

    Are there any programs i can use to control the fan speed? speedfan doesnt work on it :( ASUS N51Vn bought from Newegg
  57. J

    Help me with Speedfan

    I'm using this software for control my cpu fan and 2 more fans!But Speedfan never save the values of fans that i set,when i shutdown the computer.I set the box "remember it",but when start windows,all fans in 100%...help me please
  58. crooked vulture

    Speedfan 4.40 displays wrong temp

    I recently downloaded and installed a newer version of speedfan, and noticed it displays temperatures 10C (only for Core0 and Core1) lower than other software i.e. OCCT. Before I upgraded they were the same.. Also, it no longer displays CPU usage. Any ideas what's wrong? Cheers
  59. C

    Speed Fan 4.40

    I'm having trouble reading certain parameters on speedfan 4.40. I"m new to using the program, obviously. Mostly, I'm having trouble differentiating Speed01, Speed02, etc under the speed tab and what temps correspond to what temps, besides the obvious ones. If anyone can give me or lead me...
  60. Godlover1133

    Help with Speedfan 4.40

    Hey guys, just built a new computer and am running prime95 and using Speedfan to monitor. The problem is that everybody says they are getting into the 50C range when running prime and im only going at max to 39C. I'm running a Phenom 965 140watt at stock speed in a thermaltake spedo advanced...