What does Temp 2 reading in Speedfan Software


May 16, 2013

I have something odd going on in my Speedfan software. As you can see in the picture I have CPUID Hardware Monitor open and Speedfan Software open and in Speedfan Software there is a Temp 2 which is registering a 127c reading. But in the CPUID Hardware Monitor there is no such thing.

Anyone know what the Speedfan Software might be reading?

Thanks in advance for an info.

My Specs:
MSI 990FX-80v2 Mobo
FX8350 CPU (Stock clock)
H100 AiO Cooler
HyperX 1866 16GB (2x8GB) Ram
Corsair 750HX PSU
Multiple HDD


May 16, 2013
Just found the answer on MSI's forums. Apparently that reading is inaccurate or bogus, whatever the term you want to use. So just in case anyone needs to know, there it is.


Dec 26, 2012
Throw out any preconceived notions that all your software will report things the same. Hwmonitor uses its own labels for its own addresses, depending on exactly which mobo you have. It'll read 1 temp from one location on a gigabyte board as something entirely different than an Asus board. What you need to do is figure out exactly what certain temps apply to your board. You won't be able to compare them to speedfan. Take for instance TMPIN0, for all you know that could be the Northbridge chipset, or the cpu or the vrms, it being a different temp than the gpu TMPIN0. Speedfan in my system uses 2 different buss addresses, 1 covers cpu_fan, cpu_aux and sys_fan1, the other covers sys_fans2/3. By setting the controls to manual, then carefully shutting down all fans but 1, you'll figure out exactly what fan is at what address on what buss. Then simply relabel the fans corresponding to the fan setting, so front_intake, cpu, top exhaust, rear_exhaust etc.

2 other things. Hwmonitor was written a while ago and is a generalized tool. It can be quite non-specific at times depending on the mobo. So say it's looking for 0003000xf to report temps. On most mobos that might be the Southbridge chipset. On your mobo, it might end up being a sata controller. So you get seriously funky temp readings. On my mobo, even speedfan gives me 1 temp of 249°C at 1 address and -127°C at another. Physically impossible numbers, so easily ignored.

Also you'll need to remember that running simultaneous temp reading software can and will give errors, most commonly fans running 2x their actual speed and temps being double the actual temp, so it's entirely possible that 127° is actually 63°. You'll need to verify by running the programs entirely separate and write down the results [screenshot] and then compare results. You are probably worried over nothing as 127°C will fry any electronic component if that temp was accurate.

Just as Hwmonitor is reading the 12v rails at 0.264V and speedfan is reading it at 10.47V, the pc wouldn't run on either of those 12v settings, somethings you just need to take with a grain of salt when it comes to software.
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