Dell Laptop Cant Change Fan Speed (constantly on MAX)

Oct 23, 2018
Hello. So i have new laptop by the name of Dell Latitude 3350. My fans seem to run constatly at 7000+ RPM even though my cpu is on like 10% use. HWinfo or speedfan doesnt work. I've set the computer to power saving mode and quiet mode through Dell Command Power Manager, but it still doesnt work. The computer doesn't have any fan settings in the BIOS. And i recently upgraded to the newest BIOS.

^ picture proof.

The fan speed is too high even though I dont use any resources. This RPM bothers me and everyone else in class.

Please help me.
It sounds like the fan may be going. It happens.

You can try clearing it out and making sure there is no debris, dust, etc. If it is not clear it can make it run more.

However, I really think you are going to need to replace it. Many fans will speed up when they are malfunctioning and needing replacement.
Oct 23, 2018

Yeah I called the company that provided it to me through a school. They said that they were going to need a look at it and probably get it replaced. Super weird, considering they always check the laptops before they hand them out... Well, I'm gonna see how it goes. Thanks!

BTW, if i screw the laptop open and check on the fan, do I lose the warranty?
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