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  1. HotFoot

    Unknown AUX sensor in SpeedFan

    Hello, I've started using SpeedFan to monitor my temps, and I have four channels: System, CPU, AUX and HD0. The system matches the northbridge measurement from PCProbe, and the CPU temp matches the CPU temp from PCProbe, and these channels give believable numbers. I'm not heavily using the...
  2. E

    Is Core Temp v.93 Accurate?

    I have installed SpeedFan, Core Temp, and Gigabyte's EasyTune5. Core Temp reads my cpu being 37 degrees, SpeedFan says it's either 39 or 27 (I know it is either Temp1 or 2) degrees, and EasyTune5 says my cpu is 27 degrees and my "system," which I have no idea what means, is 39 degrees. One of...
  3. russell

    Speed Fan freeware

    OK, got the chopping block out...Neck is in position axe is raised....here goes. Has anyone seen the software "Speedfan" <A HREF="http://www.benchmarkhq.ru/english.html?/mon_e.html" target="_new">http://www.benchmarkhq.ru/english.html?/mon_e.html</A> I have seen several simular programs out...