Speedfan not automaticly ajusting speed for set temp

Matthew Verstraete

Apr 26, 2014
I have speed fan 4.49 installed and am trying to use the Automatic Fan Speed. I have set the Desired temp at 32C in the configuration and a min speed of 25 % with a max speed of 100%. Right now the temp is 41C and the Automatic Fan Speed only has the fans running at 48%. I would have thought with an almost +10c difference in current temp vs desired temp the fans would be at 100% by now? I have tried setting the desired temp to 0 and it makes no difference.

Edit: Since I originally posted this the fan speed has been going slowly up will the temp is dropping, it is almost like it is ignoring the chosen temp probe to monitor.


Dec 31, 2013
Try setting desired temperatures in BIOS of your motherboard

In my motherboard I have set the Primary Target of my case fans as CPU.
I have set the Temperature at which CPU fan control system ( CPU fan and Case fans ) acquires full speed at 45°C.
If Speedfan doesn't works this method will surely work.