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  1. K

    Solved! Outdoor speaker setup (Klipsch)

    I'm struggling with a configuration. From pre-amp - I currently have a Niles S-245 (45w) power amp connected through volume (impedance matching) 4 volume controllers (one 60w; the others 45w) to four sets of speakers (2 in the house - study/master bedroom; 2 outside - patio and rock). I've...
  2. P

    Solved! LG TV 37LD655H restart loop

  3. N

    Solved! HP Compaq nx6125 - Windows failed to start - boot configuration data error

    My HP Compaq nx6125 is not working properly. I can see the following message on the display Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. File:\Boot\BCD Status: 0xc0000034 Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data...
  4. M

    MSI GX70 3BE/GX70 vBios flash showing two video cards

    so i got this laptop today and i have updated it's vbios, from msi's website [] and now instead of showing AMD HD 7950M, it shows 8970M. What is going on? Also on HWinfo it shows 7950M/8970M.
  5. S

    Do different laptops with similar configuration perform different?

    I bought a laptop with configuration: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 (base clock speed) GPU: Vega 8 integrated HDD: 2 TB Ram: 8gb (2400Mhz) Resolution: FHD 1920x1080 Its the cheapest among all others. Will it perform any different?
  6. kikani.kautik

    Solved! How to configure RAID 5 in Dell PowerEdge RS240 Rack Server

    How to configure RAID 5 in Dell PowerEdge RS240 Rack Server. I want to also install windows server 2016 in RAID5 RAID5 is safe for OS ?
  7. D

    Thinkpad price comparison

    I've read these reviews and I'm still not sure what justifies a 2-3x (depending on the configuration) price difference when the specs seem more or less the same. Could someone please elaborate? VS...
  8. J

    is watchdog.exe.config a virus?

    i found this file in roaming named Watchdog.exe.config i don't know what it is buti just found it recently.
  9. J

    Is this the 400$ high end lossless music listening experience ever possible?

    Watch the immage i attached to understand pls i just create a presentation of my configuration if you are lazy: Tidal Master enabled No eq no sound echancments 2 channels 24 bit 192000hz Bose quiteconfort 35II (wired no wireless) Remember this is intended to be the max you can get in terms of...
  10. C

    Is it possible to upgrade an ASUS K55VJ laptop to 16 GB? Internet says yes, ASUS says no

    My ASUS K55VJ came with 6 GB installed. I'm looking to upgrade to 12 GB at least. Two slots for RAM are available and both are occupied (photos of my dusty RAMs), a 2 GB: and a 4 GB: As the title says, ASUS specs states 8 GB is maximum. And yet here is a video of a person claiming to upgrade...
  11. T

    How to configure dual PC streaming setup with capture card?

    Hello, I am planning to build a streaming setup. I have my laptop ASUS ROG with GTX1050 GPU and Intel® Core™ i7 7700HQ Processor. I play games on this laptop with a gaming keyboard, mouse, headset and external monitor attached to laptop. Together with that I have an old PC sitting doing nothing...
  12. V

    Solved! integrated graphics favoured over dedicated

    This was flagged up when I loaded the game X4 foundations. In settings it was reading my graphics card as the intel 5600 not my gtx 970m. I went into display after this and sure enough display was reading as running off the intel as well. My drivers are all up to date, I tried disabling the...
  13. J

    Yamaha RX-V683 7.2 surround back speakers not available?

    Hooked up the receiver and speakers, no sound coming from the surround back speakers. In manual set-up configuration it indicates the surround back speakers are not available. Haven’t been able to figure out how to turn them on.
  14. D

    Solved! AMD A6-6310 Ram compatibility

    I recently found that A6-6310 only supports DDR3L 1866 ram on but my laptop run on DDR3L 4gb 1333 + 2gb 1333 is this safe ? is this causing laggy problem on my laptop ? thanks before
  15. R

    Possible Upgrade a cpu?

    hi guys, i wanna upgrade my processor but im still confused about the spec... My cpu is B940, its pentium and dual core... 2 ghz and i wanna upgrade it to i7 2760qm im confuse and im bit afraid about this... you can compare it on intel ark... thats all... sorry for less-detailed post my...
  16. R

    How to Configure Netflix to Output High-Quality Videos

    Netflix is one of the most popular streaming websites out there, with a wide range of content and helpful suggestions of new shows you might enjoy. They offer a free trial membership when you sign up, so you can see whether you like it. By choosing the right plan and setting the playback for...
  17. A

    MY MSI GL62M 7RDX Not Detecting the GTX1050

    Hello, I have an issue my msi laptop GL62M 7rdx not detecting the GTX1050 Hardware at all only the Intel HD G 630, Not detected at all in the device manger, No compatible hardware when i try to install the GTX1050. I have tried to rest the EC, fresh installation for the windows, No Luck in...
  18. J

    Solved! which laptop brand

    I am a new web designer ...I have need a laptop...which laptop brand and configuration Would be good for me?
  19. rebjane20

    Config.xml and flags.xml -- delete ok??

    Making space for ZTE. In My Files it shows config.xml, flags.xml. and. (6) popupconfig.xml. Can i delete these or are they part of a program that. Needs to stay there?? AND-- dmc.txt ?? I need to know what these are for or if we dont need them. I want to delete them to add more space...
  20. S

    Solved! Lenovo Legion y520 budged help

    I want to purchase the lenovo legion y520 issue is my bugget does not allow me to buy my dream configuration ive got 2 choices: y520 with a nvidia 1050 gtx graphic card will be exact fit but comes with a hhd running at 5400 if i buy that one i can upgrade with an ssd on spot or buy the one with...
  21. M

    Solved! Hp omen 15 config

    I'm looking at two laptops: 1. Hp omen-ce009NM -i7-7700HQ -8gb of ram -256 ssd + 1T hdd -gtx 1060 6gb g-sync 2. Hp omen-DC0026NM -i7-8750H -gtx 1060 3gb -everything else pretty much the same Can you guys give some suggestions on which would be a better choice and why? Also if this is a good buy.
  22. O

    Solved! usb c to 3.5 port not working.....

    I have bought a usb type C to 3.5mm usb from paytm to use it as headphone for my laptop but it's still not working for me ....I update my all drivers of windows 8.1 and also install driver pack to find the solution ..I had also check configuration settings....I read many such type of related...
  23. U

    Solved! Mono Amp wiring with 2 JBL subs

    Hello Guys, Couple of days back I`ve purchased Sony mono amp named as XM-GS100 for my 2 JBL woofers GT5-S12s. Each woofer have 300 Watts RMS rated at 4 ohms. Now im confused how to wire up the 2 woofers with this sony amp. Whether I can go for bridge (+ - ) or parallel (+ - - +) Below...
  24. M

    Headset mic not working

    When I speak with someone on Skype, the other party hears me ok but when I tap on the mic mouthpiece, she doesn't hear me so apparently my headset mic is not connected. How to configure the headset mic? My laptop has two ports. I was advised to buy a sound card. Will it work? (Laptop does not...
  25. C

    8750h + GTX 1060 3Gb or 8300h + GTX 1060 6Gb

    Hey everyone, currently I'm looking for a new laptop and I'm thinking about getting ASUS GL703GM and I need an advice to choose a configuration I can afford one of these configs: 1. 8750h and GTX 1060 with 3 gigs of vram 2. 8300h and GTX 1060 with 6 gigs of vram Which one to buy considering...
  26. R

    Desktop Audio config

    I have headphones with modmic + dac/amp, can u use all these together? Amp only has one input jack.
  27. J

    Pen positioning on bottom?

    Why do manufacturers insist on putting the pens on the bottom of the phone. I lost several styluses on an earlier phone because of this configuration. The stylus would pop out & get lost.
  28. G

    How to Connect Indoor and Outdoor Array of Speakers - MultiZone Set up

    Hi All, Hoping you can help me with my particular audio configuration question: CURRENT SET UP Speakers currently all in ceiling, origin acoustics 5 Speakers in Family Room 2 Speakers (in ceiling) in Kitchen 2 Speakers (in ceiling) in Outdoor Patio Receiver - Denon AVR 3200W (Dual zone) I...
  29. F

    5+1 speaker only work FR & FL

    I have old creative inspire 5+1 speaker and im using windows 8.1. I made the playback device configure 5.1 and test every speaker working well including sub but playing music or something just work front right and left speakers maybe recorded stereo but how can i run the whole speakers
  30. W

    Dell Command Power Manager - Cannot Set Battery Thresholds

    Hi -- on my Windows 7 Dell Latitude E5550 laptop: I download the latest dell command power manager v2.2.1. This is the screen I get: Screenshot: In the battery section and the alerts section, I do not see an option to set battery thresholds (like 80%)
  31. K

    RHEL developer laptop with customized hardware - how to proceed?

    I am a novice when it comes to hardware world. If this is not the appropriate site, I request the moderators to redirect me to the correct one and close this question :). My objectives pertaining to the laptop: Configuration to suit development needs: 16-32 GB RAM 1+TB SSD i7/AMD equivalent...
  32. F

    Need help ASAP

    Configuration system failed to initialize
  33. W

    Need Help With Speaker Configuration Help!!!

    I am going to buy a pair of speaker for my desk set up. The Razer Nommo base edition to be exact. I have a dual monitor set up where one I have connected to my ps4 and I use both for my pc when the ps4 is not in use(btw they're dell s231hn monitors). So I was wondering if there was a way where...
  34. S

    Asus g701 vo

    How can i change sata configuration on a Asus G701vo laptop? Not an option for achi, only raid. I tried official bios update from Asus but nothing.
  35. J

    VMs and system configuration

    Good evening ! Please, I would like your opinion about the synthesis of my system and how many (max) VMs I could install. My system configuration is as follows: motherboard : ASUS M3N78 CPU : AMD PHENOM 9650 2.3GHZ QUAD-CORE BOX onboad GPU : NVIDIA GeForce 8200 mGPU RAM : OCZ OCZ2RPR10664GK...
  36. J

    CPU upgrade for my laptop?

    I have a Toshiba Tecra A5-S416 laptop. Its chipset is Mobile Intel 915g. Present it has Pentium M 730 processor and has socket 479 mPGA. Please suggest me the best upgrade for my CPU.
  37. W

    Solved! OTA TV antennas

    When instructions say "Point the antenna toward the tower." what do they mean? Have the plane of the extendable arms be perpendicular to the line-of-site to the tower? Or some other configuration? Thanks.
  38. Y

    Changed bios back

    After I changed PCI EXPRESS configuration And internal video mode. My lab top now opens black screen blinking cap locks . How do I changed it back. Pleases help
  39. P

    I3 7th gen window 10 asus laptop super slow

    I purchased new laptop before 4 days its super slow help me out of this. It has i3 7th gen, 4 gb ram ,2 gb 920 Nvidia graphic card and 1 tb hdd.
  40. S

    Lagging ever few seconds

    I need some kind of help.. I have windows 10 on my intel i3 @ 1.7gHz with 4GB ram and a Nvidia GeForce 820m 2GB GPU.. But whenever i play some specific games(Far Cry 4, GTA V) it lags every few seconds.. Like i can play the game smoothly for 1-2 minutes then it lags for few seconds and this...
  41. E

    Why is 8950hk config upgrade SO much more than 8750h?

    I'm not asking a general stupid question for people to say 'that's just how much it cost' or 'it's worth it'. I mean, does anyone have the actual reason? Does it really COST the (bga MB) suppliers that much more to get the chip from Intel vs the 8750h? I am talking about what is generally around...
  42. C

    My main screen os lock on windows 10 configurating it says 100% complete but it is stuck how do i reboot it

    Locked on main windows 10 configuration it says 100% complete it has been stcked like tgis for weeks its brandne
  43. L

    ThinkPad e580 HDD Upgrade Ribbon

    I am looking to buy an e580 with this config: CORE I5-8250U SSD 256GB RAM 8GB I want to add an Hdd to have slow but big storage. I checked the Hardware Maintenance and it seems that i need a ribbon to connect the hdd Anyone knows if this ribbon is included on the version without the hdd...
  44. S

    Nvidia GTX 950M FPS issues

    Whenever I play games such as LoL on high settings with a fps cap of 60, I always get frames of 50-58. These are my specs: My nvidia control panel is on low/optimised settings which still doesn't help the issue.
  45. G

    Macbook Pro: More Ram or More CPU power

    Hello I am deciding to get a 13 inch Macbook pro for school next year and in the configuration screen I am decied weather to get more ram of more clock speed. I will either get 3.1Ghz with 16GB of ram or 3.5Ghz with 8GB of ram. What should I choose. Thanks.
  46. K

    what is the best config for gaming laptops?

    For this link i'm looking for best gaming config :!Status_1/SortBy_1/SortCondition_0/
  47. G

    Task Manager config app

    Hey there. Not so recently I realized I have an unknown app in Task Managers Startup tab, called config.. It doesn't have an icon and if I open the file location it locates a VB script file. Does anyone know whats this? I can post the script if it helps.
  48. P

    Yamaha RX-V683 AVR Presence Speaker Configuration

    Guys, I have my new RX-V683 and planning to configure front and surround presence speakers simultaneously as per the user manual. Dose the config is correct? Because in the user manual itself it says the amp is a 7.2 AVR. But if I connect both front and presence speakers simultaneously it...
  49. M

    My laptop Runs Fortnite and Heroes of The Storm Poorly

    Hey y'all, I know very little about pc gaming or computers at all. So I have no idea how to get help with this so this forum was the first thing that came to mind when I came across this problem. My computer laptop barely runs Heroes of the Storm on low settings. I literally can hardly play...
  50. A

    Asus GL503VM Laptop without integrated graphics?

    so i've recently bought Asus gl503vm, while installing video card drivers from intel i got this error: “This computer does not meet the minimum requirement for installing software.” so i've search for it , and found out that it has to be turned on from the BIOS menu , but there's nothing in my...
  51. K

    Model Number Got changed

    Hi, due to some installation of wrong driver , Device model number got changed from Vaio VPCEH25EN to VPCEH35EN. So very frequently I'm facing blue screen error. I tried installing fresh win 10 but restarting causing the same problem and VPCEH35EN Model . Please suggest how to revert back to...
  52. C

    bad_system_config_info on loop!

    i was working with my laptop the other night and it stopped and displayed the "blue screen of death". it said bad_system_config_info, and said it will restart. it has been restarting many times and i've gotten the blue screen on loop for dozens of times. i tried looking for solutions online, and...
  53. M

    i5 7300hq BIOS options

    Hi! I just got a MSI gl62m 7RD laptop with an Intel i5 7300hq CPU and im wondering on what options I should enable in BIOS for best performance in games. MSIs BIOS is very limited and these are the only options I can change so please help me out on what to enable and disable. Intel SpeedStep...
  54. B

    Screen freezes for a second while gaming

    Problem started after gaming for 2 weeks on my new gaming laptop. CPU and GPU temps always below 80°C. No thermal throttling. Happens in all games, irrespective whether on SSD or HDD. System specs- Core i5 7300HQ GTX 1050 8gb ram 1tb HDD 128gb SSD
  55. M

    What is Subwoofer rubbing?

    I will be using a pioneer 400 watt rms 4ohm single coil with a 120 watt amp on bridged. So my question is what is speaker rubbing and will the config above cause it to happen?
  56. A

    Graphic card not detected

    I have Acer aspire a5 which consist Nvidia mx 150 was not detected in device manager.also I can't find graphic settings in bios....also failed to install Nvidia driver. Please help me....
  57. I

    Rear surrounds play through front

    I've been attempting to properly configure 5.1 surround sound on my theatre system for hours now and can not get past this problem General structure is: Pc Graphics card -> HDMI -> Receiver More specifically a 1080TI and a Pioneer VSX-321...
  58. B

    Nvidia geforce gtx 970 and intel inside

    hi, i want to know if my dell insipron 15 3542 can support the nvidia geforce gtx ram is 8gb and the processor intel celeron:-)..need help plzz...
  59. J

    Windows Has Detected An IP Address Conflict IP Config Issue?

    Hello To All- I apologize if the answer has been posted somewhere else, as I haven't been able to find it. I, seemingly out of no where, received a popup message that said "Windows Has Detected An IP Address Conflict", and my internet connection(via wifi hotspot-no router) wont stay...