How to Connect Indoor and Outdoor Array of Speakers - MultiZone Set up

Aug 20, 2018
Hi All,

Hoping you can help me with my particular audio configuration question:


Speakers currently all in ceiling, origin acoustics

5 Speakers in Family Room
2 Speakers (in ceiling) in Kitchen
2 Speakers (in ceiling) in Outdoor Patio

Receiver - Denon AVR 3200W (Dual zone)

I have the 2 kitchen and 2 patio speakers hooked up to the same output on zone 2 which currently does the job. I am looking to add a few more outdoor speakers to give me better coverage and want to know how I can hook everything up.

I would like to install
1. TIC GS50 subwoofer
2. (2) TIC GS3 Satellite speakers
Link to amazon


**5 main indoor speakers remain on the same zone 1 on my denon
**2 kitchen speakers become my zone 2 on my denon (I already have a volume control for these speakers in the wall)
**Outdoor speakers (2 current speakers and new subwoofer + 2 satellite speakers) become a new zone.

I would like to be able to play the same music from 1 source across all speakers when desired but also like to be able to play movie (or something else) indoors while playing music outdoors.

Recommendations on equipment and set up would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
Aug 20, 2018

Yes it does have pre-outputs but I dont understand the function of these. I only care for stereo sound outside as I will be utilizing it for music.

Here is what the back panel looks like:

I have read about doing something like this but don't quite understand.
The zone 2 preamp output would connect to a power amp able to drive the sub and satellites. The amp in the receiver won't be able to handle all the speakers in that zone. You could leave the present pair of outdoor speakers connected to the receiver and add an amp (with volume control) just for the new sat and sub. You could use an amp to drive all four sats and the sub. Likely to be more expensive but be more powerful.
The passive sub you link to might not play loud enough with speakers other than the ones it was designed to work with. Using an sub amp for it would allow for adjusting the level so it can match the satellites you want to use.
Aug 20, 2018
Thanks all for the info and bearing with my ignorance. I was away for a bit and did not get a chance to reply. The explanation has been very helpful. I have been doing some research based on the responses. The equipment options out there seem to be a little limited when it comes specifically to dedicated amplifiers (that or I see that amps are running in the $1000 range).

Is there any reason to use a dedicated stereo amplifier instead of a cheap AV receiver?

For example, could I use this Yamaha Receiver

instead of a amplifier such as this?