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  1. K

    Solved! Outdoor speaker setup (Klipsch)

    I'm struggling with a configuration. From pre-amp - I currently have a Niles S-245 (45w) power amp connected through volume (impedance matching) 4 volume controllers (one 60w; the others 45w) to four sets of speakers (2 in the house - study/master bedroom; 2 outside - patio and rock). I've...
  2. C

    Solved! Outdoor antenna, now want to use fire stick

    I only have a outdoor antenna. How do I get my fire stick to work?
  3. M

    Zone 2 volume control Sony STR-DN1050

    I have a Sony STR-DN1050 receiver set up inside with surround sound plus 2 outdoor speakers for zone 2. I want to be able to adjust the volume separately for each zone while playing the same audio, but can't figure out how. Do I need a separate amplifier? I hope not.
  4. L

    Solved! audio component recommendation

    I have a new home with some nice speakers wired to the outdoor patio. We are currently able to play music to those speakers via a receiver in the house. However, we live in the country and the receiver's antenna doesnt get good reception. The receiver is not bluetooth. Im looking for advice, if...
  5. R

    Solved! I have hooked up my outdoor digital antenna to my Olivia digital TV and I have set it on DTV settings but now I cannot use my

    I have tried everything to hook up outdoor antenna to Olivia ACST TV. Don't get channels NO Remote. HELP
  6. T

    Streaming content to TV

    Hi! How do you stream a content of phone to Cosmos Outdoor TV. Thanks.
  7. L

    i have a older panasonic plasma tv, i tried put a an outdoor antenna connecting to my tv but Im still not receiving any signal

    outdoor antenna not giving me signal
  8. B

    Some Speakers Not Found When Connecting Receiver

    We bought a house with 2 sets of speaker wires come up from the floor in the family room with a hub down in the basement that the previous owner told us brings the outdoor speakers and rear family room speakers in. We hook everything up with an Onkyo 7.1 receiver and connect a passive soundbar...
  9. R

    Hissing in my speakers

    I just installed a Onkyo CS-265 stereo system. This is a "Dorm room" type of system. I got it to play out onto my outside deck. I added two additional outdoor speakers. One set of speakers plays inside and one set plays outside. The two that play inside came with the system and the outdoor...
  10. G

    How to Connect Indoor and Outdoor Array of Speakers - MultiZone Set up

    Hi All, Hoping you can help me with my particular audio configuration question: CURRENT SET UP Speakers currently all in ceiling, origin acoustics 5 Speakers in Family Room 2 Speakers (in ceiling) in Kitchen 2 Speakers (in ceiling) in Outdoor Patio Receiver - Denon AVR 3200W (Dual zone) I...
  11. K

    How to wire my 8 ohm amp and my speakers.

    Here is my equipment: Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo Receiver (https://www.amazon.com/Yamaha-R-S202BL-Stereo-Receiver/dp/B01EMQI2CU) Pyle 6.5" in-ceiling speakers (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0007LCL90/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?(ie=UTF8&psc=1) Yamaha NS-AW150BL 2-Way Outdoor Speakers...
  12. S

    Solved! i only get one channel from my outdoor atenna but five minits before all channels worked ok no problem with the antenn outside

    my tv antenna worked fine one min. then only one station comes in now why
  13. G

    Yi Lite Sports Action Camera Review: Best Budget Action Cam

    The Yi Lite is an impressive, full-featured action camera with above-average performance, a high-quality touch screen and image stabilization. Yi Lite Sports Action Camera Review: Best Budget Action Cam : Read more
  14. B

    replacing satellite TV and cutting the cord

    I live in the Houston, TX area. Can I replace my satellite dish with a outdoor digital antenna and service all of my home's TV with the one antenna? I have 4 directv receivers currently in my home.
  15. D

    buying advice for modern rugged smartphone

    I seek advice about getting a modern rugged smartphone to survive my stay in norway. My desired specs: high IPxx, long battery life, very durable display, somewhat fast software, all for medium price (outrules the cat s61), no unwanted activity (buttons at the sides, outrules the dogee s60) I...
  16. A

    Play music from pc to my outdoor wired speakers

    We have just moved into a house that has wired outdoor speakers only. The cables come out of the wall and into in our lounge. I am wondering if there is a device that will connect to those speakers so I can play my songs from my pc wirelessly. Or any other suggestions would be appreciated. My...
  17. D

    OTA TV Channels

    My vizio tv is scanning 92 channels. 91 digital & 1 analog. I only get 50 with a tv guide. How do I get the other channels that are missing. Using OmniPro HD 8008 outdoor multi-directional antenna.
  18. H

    wiring outdoor subwoofer

    I have a Klipsch AW 800 SW, how do I wire it. the subwoofer has L and R ( 4 terminals) amp connectors and the sub amp has only the POS - NEG terminals.
  19. D

    Outdoor Speaker system with sub

    I have a sonos connect amp running four passive outdoor speakers., sounded good. I wanted to get a little more thump so I bought a Polk Atrium Sub10 to give it more bass. Knowing that the sonos can not power all of it I also purchased a Dayton amp 230. Now I can't figure out how to wire it...
  20. R

    Solved! Outdoor audio: Stereo or mono?

    After recently setting up a backyard system (specs below). I am thoroughly satisfied with the sound, except for the slight lack of lows, which a new Polk powered sub I'm waiting on should take care of. It really sounds great, but depending on where you are standing in the backyard, there seems...
  21. S

    About six months ago installaled a MOHO 60 indoor outdoor HD digital antenna open till two days ago I had about 19 to 20 chan

    Digital HD in TV indoor outdoor 60 mile antenna complete loss of signal of all channels after approximately six months of use and having 18 to 20 channels every day until two days ago help lost
  22. L

    good all purpose speaker/player

    Looking for a good, relatively inexpensive speaker to stream music. Want to be able to use outdoor or in, small enough to sit on kitchen counter top. Want to be able to listen to local radio stations (like baseball game, etc) as well as stream Spotify, etc. Any recommendations?
  23. T

    First camera quad-copter advice?

    I was looking into purchasing my first camera drone for recreational filming along hikes and outdoor adventures. I've flown some cheap sub-$100 drones before and loved it, but was looking for a more capable drone that could give some cool experiences and videos. I do not have a lot of money to...
  24. G

    Bell + Howell Tac Light Lantern Review: Surprisingly Mighty, Impressively Bright

    The Bell Howell Tac Light Lantern makes some pretty big claims, but we were impressed with its days-long battery life, performance under harsh conditions and genuinely bright light. Bell + Howell Tac Light Lantern Review: Surprisingly Mighty, Impressively Bright : Read more
  25. T

    Solved! How do I hook up outdoor speakers to a soundbar system

    I like to watch football, and/or listen to music on my back deck. My wife wants a soundbar to minimize all the cords and accessories.
  26. R

    How can transmit signal from my outdoor antenna located in my apt balcony to my TV set less than 25 feet? I do not want to run

    How can transmit signal from my outdoor antenna located in my apt balcony to my TV set less than 25 feet? I do not want to run cable across the room. Help!
  27. C

    Outdoor tower antenna

    I live 60/70 miles from broadcast antennas. I plan on putting up a 60ft tower with antenna. Also fixing to get new Samsung MU8500 4K UHD TV. I would like to know what is best cable to use to bring signal in . Cat 7 or RG 6 or what ever you think
  28. R

    OTA dual DVR'S with wi-fi

    Cord cutting with 4 newer HD TV's...1 outdoor HD Antenna with splitter hooked up to only Co-Axel output...NEED 2 dual DVR'S that have Wi-Fi and will Pause/Play and record my OTA signal from my Outdoor rooftop Antenna....what's OUT THERE __ I was planning on using existing Dish co-axel setup...
  29. G

    SunBriteTV Veranda Review: The Best Outdoor TV You Can Buy

    The 55-inch SunBriteTV Veranda is a TV for the great outdoors with a weatherproof design and very bright panel, but you'll make some trade-offs. SunBriteTV Veranda Review: The Best Outdoor TV You Can Buy : Read more
  30. G

    Today Only: Get 15 Percent Cash Back At These Stores

    Stock up on your favorite outdoor gear while saving an extra 15 percent. Today Only: Get 15 Percent Cash Back At These Stores : Read more
  31. M

    outdoor speakers help

    i have 2 outdoor rock speakers and 2 ceiling speakers, trying to solve for most economical way to power them? Id like to blue tooth through phone alos if possible....thoughts?
  32. M

    Soundbar with 2 zones?

    Does this exist? i am looking to replace my 10 year old receiver with a soundbar, but would like to keep the option to have my outdoor speakers hooked up to it. is there a soundbar that has support for an outdoor zone? They are wired speakers.
  33. H

    best amplified outdoor hd tv antenna

    Three Samsung HD TVs One Dynex HD TV 45 mile to nearest TV broadcast station can I support all four TVs with one amplified outdoor antenna
  34. Koko818

    Ceiling surround speakers (hanging - not flush mount) - use outdoor speakers???

    We have a pre-wire for surrounds in a new house we just moved into. There are 12' ceilings and the prewires are a good 6' behind the seating area - so rather than flush mount I'm going with speakers that can be aimed down and forward towards the audience, and oriented horizontally on it's...
  35. J

    Outdoor speaker wires

    I have speaker wires coming out of the back of my house for back yard listening. I bought the house last year. There are only two hookups left inside the house and neither seem to operate the speaker I have attached to the outdoor wire. How do I check to see if the outdoor wire is working...
  36. G

    Anker's Foldable Solar Charger Is More Than Half Off

    Solar charge your devices on the go with the handy PowerPort charger. Anker's Foldable Solar Charger Is More Than Half Off : Read more
  37. T

    Looking for suggestions on an outdoor sound system.

    I'm looking to put in a sound system in my backyard which is pretty sizable. I'm hoping to find suggestions on something wired and weather proof, and would allow me to buy individual speakers.
  38. V

    Is there a 4K video camera for shooting a 24-hour long outdoor video?

    I want to shoot non-interrupted 24-hours outdoors videos. Can you recommend a suitable camera model? What I need: - Long battery life or connection to external large battery (does it exist??) - Ability to record a strait 24-hour video on storage - external hard disk? - Very good image quality...
  39. K

    I have a outdoor cinema and want to watch free to air tv how would I do that do that?

    I have bought a outdoor cinema and want to watch free to air tv how would I do that?
  40. J

    ota outdoor antenna into home without wires

    how to run an outdoor ota antenna into home without wires
  41. L

    Outdoor antenna, two HD tvs-one works great, other missing channels

    We have an outdoor antenna on roof, a smaller Samsung HDTV and a 55" LG HDTV. We get over 10 channels on the Samsung and only 5 on the LG. We used to get the same amount of channels on both, but recently it is not. We also have a splitter and a line signal booster. Thanks so much.
  42. J

    Smart home outdoor security guide

    Protecting your garden and exterior of your home is the first step in protecting what’s yours. If you can detect and deter before someone enters your home you can avoid all those negative ramifications that might follow. That’s good enough reason to invest in smart home outdoor security. The...
  43. G

    Boom Swimmer Review: Waterproof, But So-So Audio

    Boom's rugged, flexible and waterproof Swimmer Bluetooth speaker can go everywhere, but the sound quality doesn't impress. Boom Swimmer Review: Waterproof, But So-So Audio : Read more