Outdoor speaker setup (Klipsch)

Feb 5, 2019
I'm struggling with a configuration.

From pre-amp - I currently have a Niles S-245 (45w) power amp connected through volume (impedance matching) 4 volume controllers (one 60w; the others 45w) to four sets of speakers (2 in the house - study/master bedroom; 2 outside - patio and rock). I've upgraded the rock speakers to the Klipsch 650 rock speakers (85w). I know I need to update amp to drive these speakers - and obtained a Adcom GFA-555 ii (200W per channel). I know this may be overkill - or it at least seems like overkill.

Would replacing the Niles (45 wpc) with the Adcom (200 wpc) be the best option, and do I need to upgrade the 60w volume controller to a 100w version (or something larger).

I'm barely getting any sound from the new rock speakers with the current Niles/60w volume switch configuration.

Is there another economical option besides the Adcom that I should consider???

Sorry - a audio novice (I've gotten lazy with all the bluetooth, etc reality).

Kenneth Frank

I would suggest you split the preamp output and connect both amps. Use the Niles for the indoor speakers and the Adcom for the outdoor pair.
You should also reset the impedance matching on the VC for the output speakers. You are losing power with it and no longer need it for the outdoor speakers. The Adcom has way more power than the VC or speakers can handle so it is overkill unless you plan to expand the number of outdoor speaker in the future.
Given your last statement you should setup the outdoor speakers as a separate zone. You can use an Amazon Connect or Dot. Sonos Connect, or Denon Heos Link to create a much easier to use outdoor system. No passive vc required since the app will control the volume.
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