Rear surrounds play through front

Apr 2, 2018
I've been attempting to properly configure 5.1 surround sound on my theatre system for hours now and can not get past this problem

General structure is:
Pc Graphics card -> HDMI -> Receiver

More specifically a 1080TI and a Pioneer VSX-321

My drivers are up to date, I recently did a full reinstall with DDU.

When I test the speakers within the receiver itself I get clear sound from each one.

However when I try to configure the speakers as a 5.1 system through windows playback devices I constantly get both of the surrounds playing out of the front speakers. Center works fine. Sub works fine.

I figured this must be a problem with the amp settings, but I've been through an absurd amount of combinations all with the same results as above.

Could anyone please point me in the right direction here? Or at least tell me what amp settings I should be using so I can further diagnose it from the pc side?

Thank you in advance, really losing my mind over here trying to figure this one out.
"clear sound from each one" means that the correct channel is playing in the correct speaker?
That would mean that the receiver is set up correctly. If not then check the speaker wires on the back of the receiver.
Since you are using HDMI to the receiver there can't be an incorrect cable causing the problem.
That takes you back to the PC. Try playing a test file rather than using the internal test tones in the PC.
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