MY MSI GL62M 7RDX Not Detecting the GTX1050

Nov 9, 2018
I have an issue my msi laptop GL62M 7rdx not detecting the GTX1050 Hardware at all only the Intel HD G 630,
Not detected at all in the device manger, No compatible hardware when i try to install the GTX1050.
I have tried to rest the EC, fresh installation for the windows, No Luck in everything

This happened after one week from changing the laptop keyboard , I had screen that bios date got reset. then i entered i found no graphics card at all, then i updated the bios to the latest version but nothing changed. only the Intel one worked. and shown in the bios.

Bios version : E16J9IMS.324
Firmware: 16J9EMS1.112
Graphics card: GTX1050 4 gb

Anybody can help or give me hint or advise if its possible to solve this issue?
Question from amadorraff2 : "MY GL62M 7RDX Not Detecting the GTX1050"