8750h + GTX 1060 3Gb or 8300h + GTX 1060 6Gb

Oct 1, 2018
Hey everyone,
currently I'm looking for a new laptop and I'm thinking about getting ASUS GL703GM and I need an advice to choose a configuration

I can afford one of these configs:
1. 8750h and GTX 1060 with 3 gigs of vram
2. 8300h and GTX 1060 with 6 gigs of vram

Which one to buy considering that I'll be using it mostly for programming and gaming from time to time? According to reviews 3Gb version is not future-proof and it already has some problems in modern games.

What configuration would you buy?


Jul 18, 2017
I would say option #2 for the higher vram.

The difference in CPU speed is about 13%. Not a huge difference compared to the increase of 3gb vram memory increase.

It really boils down to the type of games you going to play, some games are very CPU intensive while others are GPU.

If you were doing just programming (or mainly programming) I'd say option#1 for the better CPU. If you do gaming, then option #2 for vram increase.

As you stated you'd be doing both. I think you would benefit more from the rvam increase in Option#2 while still being able to program.
Oct 1, 2018

I think the same

Mostly I'm doing web programming and it doesn't require too much of a CPU power but 6 gigs of vram probably will make laptop capable of playing games in 2 or 3 years when 3 gigs won't by enough by any means