Aug 20, 2018
I have old creative inspire 5+1 speaker and im using windows 8.1. I made the playback device configure 5.1 and test every speaker working well including sub but playing music or something just work front right and left speakers maybe recorded stereo but how can i run the whole speakers

That is your main problem.

First make sure you have loaded the Audio Driver from the Mobo's vendor, that should give you the most features, if you are using your Mobo sound system, and not a sound board.

Then look for a feature on the control panel that says, if source stereo, use THIS MODE. Modes can be:

Prologic Surround: or I call it fake surround. I don't like but u try.
Front&Back, All-Stereo: Goes by different names, just makes surround spkrs=L+R, center=combines L+R and sub=LFE.