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  1. Jamoymoyyy

    Solved! Creative Inspire T3100 Left speaker

    Hello! I need help to fix my Creative Inspire T3100( i know it's too old, but still functioning) I got it repaired because the subwoofer is not working, then we took it home and check it. The subwoofer is working now(they said they changed the IC) now the new problem is, the left speaker is not...
  2. M

    Solved! Creative T15 Wireless playing sound only from left speaker when using aux

    My Creative T15 has suddenly stopped playing sound from the right speaker and only through the left when using aux cable. While using bluetooth, both speakers work fine. At first I thought that something was wrong with the aux cable, but I bought a new one and they problem is still there. Does...
  3. K

    Solved! Subwoofer has RCA input and 3.5mm Output

    I have the Logitech Z333 2.1 speakers and a creative xi fi titanium hd sound card. The speakers work by having the satellites connect to the subwoofer and then the subwoofer connect to the PC(3.5mm). Due to this I can't seem to connect it to my soundcard(Ive tried female 3.5mm to L/R RCA male...

    Solved! Latency Caused by sound card software? - Sound Blasterx AE-5

    uninstalled, removed all folders, installed again in safe mode windows 10 x64 noticed that if I use NONE of the voice settings, all disabled i can hear my mic with no latency once one of those are selected there is 5 - 10 second latency in the mic so why not just disable them.. cause for some...
  5. A

    Solved! Creative Inspire T3300 Problem

    i have a Creative Inspire T3300 and the wire that connects the speakers to the subwoofer has started acting up. Sometimes only 1 of the 2 speakers will work until i fiddle with it to get both working. If i buy a set of 2.0 speakers/soundbar and connect it to that subwoofer will it work?
  6. O

    Solved! Static noise when using headphones with creative audigy soundcard.

    Hello, My headphones (Beyerdynamic DT770 M (80ohm)) have a faint high pitched buzz/ring/static noise when connected to my Creative Sound Blaster audigy fx pcie 5.1. When I'm on my desktop the static is a high pitched buzz/ring/static like I mentioned above but when I start playing a game, the...
  7. R

    Solved! dac / amp Problem!!! with 600 ohm MMX300

    Hello So i just bought an MMX 300 with 600 Ohm and wanted to buy the Creative SBx G6 with it because it has surround sound for gaming and compartible with the headset. and the problem is that i just found out that the gsx 1200 pro from sennheiser has a lot better surround sound so i now want...
  8. T

    Creative Soundblasterx G5 w/ AKG K702

    Since I needed a good gaming headphone I looked up Mad Lust Envy's Guide and I took the AKG K702 because of it good analytic sound to hear the enemys. I know they lack a bit of bass but I don't hear music with the PC so it does not really matter. However, I've read that they need a good AMP/DAC...
  9. S

    Which speakers have better sound and bass Creative Kratos S5 or Bose Companion 3 and 5

    I want to know which has a better sound and bass a modern Creative Kratos S5 or Speakers from 2006 the Bose Companion 3 and 5 as I am looking to buy new speakers for gaming watching movies and listening to music I can get the creative kratos s5 until 30th November for £90 original price £130 or...
  10. G

    Solved! creative sound blaster z + old yamaha receiver crossover doubts

    i have a creative soundblaster z connected via analog cables to my old yamaha receiver (rx-v659) my questions are: where to set the crossover? sound card or receiver? also the sound card have a extra option called "subwoofer gain" that give more bass if i check the box (maybe extra 10 db i dont...
  11. F

    No output from center/rear speakers with Sound Blaster Z

    I recently built a new PC, and I migrated my Sound Blaster Z (internal card) to the new system. It was working fine with my Logitech Z906 5.1 system on Windows 10 just weeks ago. NOW, when I go through the speaker test (either in Windows or in SBX Studio), I get front L/R output, but no...
  12. D

    I cannot select speakers because Windows 10 isn't even acknowledging they are there.

    I have tried several different Driver updaters but Windows 10 doesn't even acknowledge the speakers are there, but they work on my Windows 7 Drive. I have a Creative X-Fi Xtreme music sound card and old stand alone speakers that are installed as Creative speakers in Windows 7.
  13. B

    Is 8gb Ram and core i5 sufficient for Adobe creative suite??

    Hi there, I'm a graphic designer and i want to buy a laptop , but not completely sure of the specs i will need. I dont have a very large budget ,so i found one within my price range but it is a Core i5 6th generation, and 8gb RAM.. Will this be sufficient??
  14. E

    Fix control volumen creative t300

    hello I have a creative t300 2.1 sound and I broke the connector that goes to the volume control how can I fix it?
  15. J

    What is the difference between X-fi and x-fi hd

    So I planned to buy an external soundcard for my Logitech z906, but I can't see the difference between the Creative Soundblaster X-Fi and Creative Soundblaster X-Fi HD (except the price). And another question, do you guys recommend it for this setup?
  16. V

    Need to connect my AUX out Creative Woofer with 40inch TV.

    Hi, I am having Creative speaker with AUX connector(Which i am using for laptops). Now i need to connect the same with LED TV. However, TV deosn't have direct AUX port to connect but it has two AUDIO jack namely L and R(White and Red color female port respectively). Kindly confirm that it will...
  17. G

    Question about how the receiver and soundblaster affect the sound quality?

    Hi, I have a receiver Yamaha HTR 6030 connected with optical TOSlink cable to external Sound Blaster Creative X-FI HD (to my PC) My question is how do they interact with each other when it comes to sound quality? How does the receiver and how does the sound blaster affect the sound? Will I get...
  18. shiva.ram54

    I have creative inspire 5.1 T6160 how to connect to Vu 43SU128 led tv?

    The speaker has 3 cables and I'm from India so i'd really appreciate if people can recommend me products from any website that sell their product in no other currency than INR because foreign exchange rate for Indian currency is too low (usually). Thanks.... p.s. Would something similar to this...
  19. F

    5+1 speaker only work FR & FL

    I have old creative inspire 5+1 speaker and im using windows 8.1. I made the playback device configure 5.1 and test every speaker working well including sub but playing music or something just work front right and left speakers maybe recorded stereo but how can i run the whole speakers
  20. S

    Headset AMP requirament

    I did some research and I decided that I will buy the DT 990 PRO 600 OHMS because they're off their high-end Audio but I have read that they need a strong Headset AMP to be used to their full potential. I was unable to confirm if the Headphone Amp Sound BlasterX G5 from Creative was good enough...
  21. Z

    Power sub through 2.0 speakers?

    Hi guys So I have the Creative T40 2.0 speakers and I want it's volume knob to be the main controller of volume for an overall 2.1 system. The input to the T40s is a 3.5mm aux from the computer. The right speaker has an RCA connector leading to the left speaker. Is it possible to split this...
  22. T

    Problem with Creative Inspire T7700 subwoofer and audio cables

    Hi all, I dunno how, but suddenly my whole audio system sort of... stopped working. I had a problem a long time ago when 5 speakers stopped working despite the fact that when I plug in front center and in right/front speaker's input, they started working again. Now there's no input's left...
  23. A

    Mic with creative omni 5.1 not working

    Hello, Trying to use the headset mic on borh (kraken pro v2 and hyperx alpha) and the mic is not working, iam using a splitter and inserted into the card (green for headset and red for the mic) but still no sound from mic, from sound i enabled the line in and still no sound.. any tips for fixing...
  24. S

    Looking for a New Upgradeable Laptop?

    I run primarily Adobe Photoshop and some other heavy creative programs as well as games, and I am looking for a laptop where I can upgrade the RAM overtime. Preferably under $1000USD. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  25. dmtiam2591

    Solved! Subwoofer not working

    Hello guys I just bought a 5.1 speakers, Creative t6160 I have done set up my speaker, then using built-in windows feature to test. I hear the sound from all other speakers except my subwoofer. I am using windows 10, connect my speaker to pc using mainboard, my mainboard is ASUS M3N78VM...
  26. Z

    How to use Creative inspire 5.1 5200 as a monitor for an audio interface

    Hi, I have a line 6 UX1audio interface. Is there a way to connect my creative inspire 5.1 5200 to it so that I can use it as a monitor for the audio interface?
  27. S

    SoundblasterX AE-5 vs Motherboard Audio

    Hello there i just orderred SoundBlasterX AE-5... My motherboard Z270x Gaming 9 shows that it use Creative ZxRi.. Is it true ??? And my motherboard Audio is going to be better than SoundblasterX AE-5 ???? Please help me... Sorry for bad english... :)
  28. K

    Creative SBS 580

    Recently I found my old speakers and decided to plug them in. I only have the R , L and centre + sub woofer and everything works except from the centre speaker. When I test the audio individually using window's "test" option the beeping comes from all speakers even the centre one. When I use...
  29. G

    Hi do connect my Samsung UE65MU7002 with my old creative sound system...cant find aux ?thank you

    Hi do connect my Samsung UE65MU7002 with my old creative sound system...cant find aux ?thank you
  30. R

    Can I connect by Bluetooth to my Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX 5.1 PCIe Sound Card ?

    Hi I would like to use my Soundblaster to play music with my Bluetooth speakers but what is happening is the sound seems to come through my motherboards audio instead (and it is not great). The Soundblaster says no speakers are present, connect to enable and so on. Is there some way I can use...
  31. U

    A550 Creative Speakers won’t switch on

    I hadn’t the creative a550 speakers for a few years now but only recently has it been turning off after 10 minutes or so, and would only play after I disconnected and replugged the green wire I unplugged the wires and reconnected them and now it won’t turn on at all
  32. D

    How to connect PS4 to Creative sound blaster Z

    Hello, I have a creative sound blaster z sound card to my pc, a Sony STR-KSL40 receiver and a PS4. How I manage to connect PS4 to sound card (creative Z) and from there to the receiver. I want to pass through the sound from my PS4 to my creative z sound card and from there to my receiver. Steps...
  33. A

    My headset microphone is making static noises, help??

    I recently recieved a Creative HS-720 Headset for Christmas. It has worked fine until up to today. I have tried to record audio on multiple softwares, still the static persists. I even Skyped a friend and they confirmed the static noise. Its not coming from anything in my room, The static is...
  34. X

    logitech z333 vs sony srs d9 vs creative a355 ??

    currently, i'm having sony srs d9 speakers which are good ones but I'm still not convinced because its treble and highs response of tweeters are very low and the subwoofer is just overpowering (some has said that this subwoofer is not used on its full potential, lol ) i have to keep it's bass...
  35. B

    Is Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250 Ohm good with Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD?

    I want a good sounding headset so the DT990 pro is the best i found for the price and same with the Sound Blaster X-Fi HD. Will this amp make the 990s sound better and is it a good amp?
  36. Flamekorn

    Solved! Sound keep coming out of my Speakers like a clock or a fosset that is dripping water

    Hey goes, I am having this wierd noise coming out of my centre and left speaker that sounds like a clock or a fosset that is open driping some drops of water. Sound loops every few minutes. Also this still happens when the Pc is turned off but only when there they are plugged into energy. My...
  37. newbie12

    An equivalent to Ceative's audio creation mode monitor thingy?

    Hi, I am after a program that can be universally used on *any* audio chipset which does the monitor thingy similar to this image: Where it shows which discreet audio channel is working and how much sound is coming out of that or if there is no sound coming out of that, then bars won't light up...
  38. S

    Headsets vs Surround speakers (creative inspire t6160) for ps4

    hi so i dont know if i should buy the corsair void stereo or the creative inspire t6160 5.1 surround to game with. i dont do much online gaming, so dont need a mic that badly. also i dont mind turning up my...
  39. S

    **DESPERATE **How to connect creative a550 5.1 surround sound speakers to ps4 without optical cable

    Hi Id like to purchase some low cost speakers, Creative A550 5.1 Surround, primarily for ps4 gaming. However, these speakers don't have optical output, but they have 3 (3.5mm) Jacks, which come from the sub woofer and go to a sound card, according to the quick start Guide...
  40. L

    Why do computer speakers such as logitech and creative do not have HDMI support?

    Why do computer speakers such as logitech and creative 5.1 / 7.1 do not offer HDMI cable support for their input? Why do we need a separate sound processor when the graphics card can handle the same audio along with video. I want to know the reason. although there's an option in sound cards for...
  41. H

    Sound card for music/movies

    Hi, I wanted to buy a soundcard for my 5.1 speakers since my new system doesnt support my old one. The options I was looking into were Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX PCIe 5.1 Sound Card ASUS Xonar DGX PCI-E GX2.5 Audio Engine Sound Card Creative Labs SB0880 PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi...
  42. D

    Creative Inspire P580 5.1 only working as 2.1 on Windows 10 64bit with a z170 Motherboard

    So I'm desperate to get this working as I love music, and video games being played on these speakers. They used to work as a 5.1 but they are only working as a 2.1 (2 speakers and my sub-woofer). The strange thing is that when I use the Realtek HD Audio Manger (as provided by my z170 Asus Aura...
  43. G

    Creative Sound Blaster Omni 5.1 Sound Card "What U Hear" Question?

    I just reinstalled Windows 10 on my gaming PC. I also reinstalled the software for my creative sound blaster Omni 5.1 sound card. After disabling the mics on both my soundcard and webcam in the recording section of my sound settings when not needed, I noticed a setting for "What U Hear." I...
  44. F

    5.1 rear speakers not working when speaker settings configured for 5.1

    Hello all, I have a Creative 5.1 speaker set up hooked up to my Windows 10 machine. In the Speaker Setup panel, where one can test speaker output, I have my output configured for 5.1 sound but the rear speakers do not output any sound at all. No slight volume sound, no static, no buzz. If I...
  45. R

    audio output pin from subwoofer not working

    I have creative 2.1 speakers. it has been four months, unfortunately one speaker is not working. i checked by interchanging the speakers. speakers are working fine. audio output pin is the problem. any speaker connected to that pin is not working. what will bethe issue. what can i do now
  46. M

    I have creative sbs a550 5.1 sound system

    I have creative sbs a550 5.1 sound system which is connected with my pc with windows 7 and realtake, sometime the left rear speaker was not work. How to solve the problem ? Please help
  47. N

    if the wire of speaker is cutted then the speaker works or not

    I bought speakers(Creative) for my PC two years back and now they are not working there is a small cut to the wire . can any changes can be made to it or should I replace it with a new
  48. DatsID

    Gigaworks S750 one speaker issue

    Hello guys, I am back with another weird issue - namely with one out of 7 speakers from Creative Gigaworks S750. I own them for quite a while but issue started to appear recently. So the rear left speaker is not working, when connected to rear left connector on the subwoofer, when i will switch...
  49. D

    Do XLR to 3.5 Jack will work just fine ?

    Hello. I’m planning to buy a mic, I choose this one Rode Procaster but I don’t want to buy external soundcard due to my budget and also that I already invested in an internal sound card the creative sound blaster z So I got the "Genius" idea to use a XLR to 3.5 Jack cable. So the question...
  50. A

    Need a budget 5.1 sound system under 10k inr

    I have two pc. One which is old has a creative 4.1 sound system with a sound card producing great sound. But now I just bought a new TV which I usually connect with my new gaming rig. Visually everything is great but TV sound is not upto the mark. So I want a cheap budget 5.1 speaker which I...
  51. Ransome

    Creative Inspire T7900 7.1 Subwoofer stopped working !

    My Creative Subwoofer just suddenly stopped working one day. When running Windows's or Realtek's sound test - it won't produce any sound from the Sub, but the rest of the speakers are working.
  52. R

    Looking for new speakers

    I'm looking for new speakers for my set up. I was looking at the edifier e25HD lunas eclipse, but I seen people say you can get something for about the same price like the creative t4s ( and it comes with a sub). What does everyone think? (Btw this is Canadian)
  53. M

    PC to subwoofer to speaker

    I have a Creative d-100 speaker and a creative fps1600 subwoofer. My PC has only one headphone place. How can I connect them?
  54. D

    Which audio output from PC?

    First, the relevant components: Creative Sound Blaster ZxR Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti MARANTZ SR5011 Receiver So at the moment I've got my PC hooked up to the receiver with an optical cable from the sound card. However, I just read that HDMI can pass higher resolution audio than optical...
  55. F

    Headset/headphone to pair with Creative Sound Blaster ZxR sound card

    I am looking for a headset/headphone to pair with Creative Sound Blaster ZxR sound card just for gaming, as I have a pair of studio monitor for music. I am thinking of getting the Astro A40 TR, any recommendations?
  56. G

    Harmon Kardon...creative Z.. no bass

    Would Harmon Kardon Sound sticks III creative Z . no matter what i do the bass is coming out of the sticks and not the octopus ... HELP ...
  57. M

    Sound Speakers Inspire T7900

    Connect Creative Inspire T7900 to TV Samsung with optical out. Can I use a digital sound decoder type 5.1 audio Gear ?
  58. M

    During a cut-scene the left driver lost sound. The left driver got very low and the right driver stayed normal. Headphones.

    My New beyerdynamic dt 990 600 ohm headphoner lost sound after a loud volume, but went back normal after a minute. I use the headphones with my Creative Blaster X7 with my PS4. I was playing Wolfenstein: The New Order and during a cut-scene the left driver lost sound. The left driver got very...
  59. H

    Solved! How to connect creative 5.1 speaker to my LG 3 d LED tv

    How to connect creative 5.1 speaker to my LG 3 d LED tv
  60. R

    Please help with my speakers!!

    I recently bought the Creative A250 stereo system (left, right, sub woofer) for my PC which work great on my phone but when I use them on my PC they make a massive frequency/horn type noise when I turn the volume up. please help me sort this out, it would be greatly appreciated :)