Solved! Sound keep coming out of my Speakers like a clock or a fosset that is dripping water


Oct 18, 2009
Hey goes, I am having this wierd noise coming out of my centre and left speaker that sounds like a clock or a fosset that is open driping some drops of water. Sound loops every few minutes.
Also this still happens when the Pc is turned off but only when there they are plugged into energy.

My Pc Specs:
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Intel core i5 3.30Ghz
4096MB Ram
Intel HD Graphics 3000 (motherboard)
Vram 256MB
Sweex 7.1 External Usb sound card
Creative Inspire T6300
I also have my Ps4 plugged in via optical sound.

Sound quality is still great however, this is really annoying.

Thank you for your advice,
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