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**DESPERATE **How to connect creative a550 5.1 surround sound speakers to ps4 without optical cable


Aug 18, 2010

Id like to purchase some low cost speakers, Creative A550 5.1 Surround, primarily for ps4 gaming. However, these speakers don't have optical output, but they have 3 (3.5mm) Jacks, which come from the sub woofer and go to a sound card, according to the quick start Guide.


So I've been digging around and found out that you can get USB sound cards with virtual surround that hopefully can plug into the ps4 USB port and I could connect the speakers to that. But it's only got one female port while the speakers have 3 male.

Aside from that, I heard of purchasing a DAC digital analog converter, among other components that can be used to connect these speakers, though I'm not sure if they will work with my particular speakers.

Since there's two ways to connect the speakers, I'm not sure which ones correct. Plus I'm quite desperate to get surround sound for a better gaming experience. So any help would be great.

BTW my TV has an optical port


Aug 18, 2010
Like what cables go where lol. Sorry but I'm quite new to this, and all these are making it harder for me to know whats what.
So the three cable from the woofer, what do I do with those, and what cable goes into my TV or ps4


Jan 10, 2006
So as per the labelling on the picture, your Front L/R go into one socket, your Rear L/R go into another and your Centre and Sub go into the 3rd. (L/R stands for Left and Right, and eventually end up on the speakers that go on the left and right). Describing the left and right without using the words left and right is actually quite hard. So that's the output to the speakers.

The input to this device is the optical connector that you said you wanted to use, this goes into your source at one end (which needs to be optical out and not optical in, as that will ensure it is an actual output and not an input.).

You also need to apply power, you plug the power adaptor into the wall and the other end of the cable into the appropriate socket on the device.




From the description:
"Supports uncompressed 2.1-channel PCM or LPCM digital audio signal output, NOTE that NOT supports 5.1 channel."

Since you presumably want sound out of all of the 5.1 speakers you're getting...no, that one will not work.
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