5.1 rear speakers not working when speaker settings configured for 5.1


Sep 24, 2017
Hello all,

I have a Creative 5.1 speaker set up hooked up to my Windows 10 machine. In the Speaker Setup panel, where one can test speaker output, I have my output configured for 5.1 sound but the rear speakers do not output any sound at all. No slight volume sound, no static, no buzz. If I configure the output for quadraphonic or 7.1 the rear speakers work but then the front speakers stop working.

If I go in to Speakers Properties the jack information is listed as:
Left and Right: Green
Center and Sub: Orange
Side Left and Side Right: Black

My speakers are hooked up to my motherboard, not a sound card. The motherboard is an ASUS, but I'm uncertain of the exact model because System Information lists the specific model as 'Not Available.'

The driver I'm using is Realtek HD Audio.

Is there any way to change that black audio jack setting to rear instead of side?

In Speakers Properties the jack is listed as side but in Speaker Configuration, with 5.1 selected, it shows front, center, sub, and rear speakers, and not side. Similarly the audio does not play out of the rear speakers when test in Speaker Configuration.
Standard color code has black as rear surround. Silver would be side surrounds.
It shouldn't even let you configure for 7.1 when you don't have all the connectors to accommodate that. Wrong drivers?
You can check if the rear speakers (or their amp) are the problem by connecting them to the green jack and setting the PC to stereo. They should produce sound then unless there is a problem outside the PC.
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