Question Creative Inspire T3100 Left speaker

Jun 15, 2020
Hello! I need help to fix my Creative Inspire T3100( i know it's too old, but still functioning) I got it repaired because the subwoofer is not working, then we took it home and check it. The subwoofer is working now(they said they changed the IC) now the new problem is, the left speaker is not working though it is working fine before we got it repaired, we brought it back but they can find the way how to fix it so we took it home.... Help please. I'm no expert in electronics. Thanks


If you can't do the work yourself then there is nothing you can do here, especially if some electronic tech already looked at it. Really for such a low cost system it's odd you had someone repair it instead of just replacing it. A used or even new 2.1 set is about $50 for decent models. I don't see someone repairing yours charging much less than that.
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