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  1. M

    Question Connecting External speakers to a monitor problem

    Hey guys, stumbled upon this site while trying to find a fix for my problem, so I thought I would ask here too. I have recently bought a monitor, LG UltraGear 27GL850, so I can connect my laptop and Xbox One to it. The monitor has no internal speakers so I bought a Logitech Z407 speaker to...
  2. S860

    Question How to connect turntable to powered speakers

    I recently bought a sony ps-hx500 and was wondering what I would need to buy in order to successfully connect is to a set of logitech g560 speakers. Is it simply an rca to 3.5mm cable or is it something else that I need to buy to make it compatible. Thanks.
  3. J

    Question Does my power of receiver match the power of the speaker needed?

    On the jamo website, I see S809 has Power Handling 120w/240w with impedance 8 ohm. Is that the power needed per channel? If so, I see most receivers under $1000 will have RMA output below 120w per channel. Like "Pioneer VSX-LX304" and "Yamaha RX-A2A" both have a price tag of around $800, but...
  4. R

    Question Microphone is playing computer audio even when muted

    So I noticed, even if my microphone is muted, that my computer, or at least Discord, because thats what Im trying to fix it on, my input is playing my computer audio. I dont understand why its doing this, even when the mic is muted its still playing computer audio at full volume. I've been...
  5. Jamoymoyyy

    Solved! Creative Inspire T3100 Left speaker

    Hello! I need help to fix my Creative Inspire T3100( i know it's too old, but still functioning) I got it repaired because the subwoofer is not working, then we took it home and check it. The subwoofer is working now(they said they changed the IC) now the new problem is, the left speaker is not...
  6. Est2000Eli

    Solved! HELP! Connecting old JVC Speakers to audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett)

    I have these old JVC Speakers with wires protruding from the back. Nothing pluggable. I need to find a way to connect these copper wires into a left and right speaker ports for the audio interface focusrite scarlett 3rd gen. And EACH left and right speaker have 2 pairs of blue and red wires...
  7. Solved! Help choosing temporary replacement for these two speakers?

    I have an older organ I recently got that seems to have bad speakers (or atleast one). I want to take them out and test them individually as well as put in temporary ones to test with the organ to confirm they are the issue, but i'm not entirely sure what speakers would be suitable. The two...
  8. C

    Question Help with choice of used speakers (for studio) And suggestions for old and good speakers

    I need a pair of speakers. The used market of speakers is huge, but at the same time not so huge where I live. I have concluded that I am more than certainly better off with a used pair of speakers than a new set. The quality for price was way better in the "old days" I believe, today the...
  9. S

    Question Church Speakers - Can I test voltage on speaker wire?

    Hey everyone, I have taken over the sound system maintenance for our church and last year we replaced our old mixer with a powered mixer. We currently have two speakers that work with the system but over the year I found two speakers that weren't working and I am not sure if they ever worked...
  10. Seferovic

    Question I have problem with my y splitter

    I have lenovo g70-70 laptop. My laptop have one jack for mic/speakers, but my headset have two plug (one for mic, one for speakers). I m bought splitter something similar...
  11. Allen69

    Question JBL Xtreme spaker stopped working after AUX connection

    Hi everyone! So this is the situation, i was playing music from my laptop to the JBL speaker for whole day with no problems. 20 mins ago, i had my music playing on the laptop and just went to connect it to the speaker, i heard crackling noises that you can always hear in the beggining of aux...
  12. ShubhS146

    Question Power Consumption of Speaker

    Hey There, I'm trying to build a speaker with a subwoofer of 8ohm impedance and 15watt threshold and 2x 4ohm 5w tweeters. I want to power the setup using a battery but dont know what battery to use as I dont know how to find the power consumption of the speakers. Plz Help!!
  13. M

    Solved! bluteooth speaker between 4 models

    i guys hope you will fine. i am a liitle bit sceptical between 4 models of bluetooth speakers that are : sony SRS XB41 jbl charge 3 jbl charge 4 UE megaboom( not boom 3 because i have not such money) i need the speaker could create a good bos that i could use that in parties and a good outpot...
  14. A

    Question Audio set up

    Hey guys, basically whats happening, im trying to set up some subwoofers at home. Because i have 4x12 subwoofer which i got out of my old car and they just collecting dust. Im gonna make 2 separate boxes, so each box will accommodate 2 subs. Im about to use citronix plx3600 2 channel amp,1800rms...
  15. Z

    Solved! Which bluetooth speaker should I get

    I'm currently deciding to buy a new bluetooth speaker but I need help deciding which one is the best. (prices are in sgd) UE Boom 2 ($139) JBL Charge 3 ($149) Sony XB21 ($149) UE Megabooom 1 ($169) Just ton note the 2 things that matter most to me is the volume and the bass.